10 comments on “NaPoWriMo day 17: Poetry: Miss you more than ever

  1. I could go to this same place if i “focused” on the past, etc etc, but most importantly to me is i daily have to “focus” and go to the place and climb out of the dark cave i dive into evry night , the caves of pain i guess, i bring on er what not or grandpa did er whatevr, i am left to deal, so one day at a time, i get on with it and “forgive” and forget the past and other people and things that cannot even start to understand how i feel, although i try not to allow the EGO to edge god out and suffer from “special-ITIS” er what not, but jest keep my grip on the day, harness the pain into the white lights i see above at the end of the tunnel out of the darkness to the light, every day,, once again once day @ a time one hour an one minute at a time fer me a lot , day after day,,is this thing i call “experiencing Life” now! over an out from Q 🙂 Gewd day 2 U !~

  2. Once again beautiful words.. This is omtatjuan in my new incarnation:) the other blog is dust in the wind:)

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