Awards and Dedications

Poems and other things that are dedicated to me ❤

I honestly have never felt this loved in my life. Thank you all so much.

Written by my dear friend and brother Shane—>


Magic is not all about tricks and sleight of hand

Being alone is not a game of cat and mouse

Be patient, Heroes will always find you in the darkness

I am really beyond words…

Written by my sweet niece—>


I feel stronger because of this…

Written by the love of my life, Danny, as a follow-up to my poem ‘Don’t worry’


Overwhelmed by gratitude…

Written by my dearest brother Shane—>


Have you ever met a person

Who made you enjoy life

Someone who made the darkness run

A new friend who abolished the pain

This new acquaintance made the rain turn to Champagne

A person so Kind And Distinguished

it’s hard to accept what you are feeling is not a Fairy Tale

A shadow of what we wish and dream we could find

A gift from god and a present to this world

You Rescued me from damnation

You grabbed my heart and shocked it back to life

I now understand the Myth

Love is Real and so are Angels

(I still can’t find the words to describe what I feel…<3)

This sweet poem is written by the lovely Toria –>

She dedicated this to my dear brother Shane, my sweet niece Sheryl and myself. I love it!



Ring those bells,

Please wake me up,

Awaken the stream of thoughts,

The ever tender feeling that brightens my day.

Sing me a song from distance far away,

Let my heart soar,

Bid joy arise in me.

A Pearl I have,

Double and valuable,

My Silver price.

I feel the echoes of your voices,

even when all seem quiet.

My smile is like the shining sun,

a sight to behold.

You seem to get my attention,

even when my back aches,

and my fingers hurt.

Alas! you make me feel good

With words that caresses,

Comments so soothing,

Likes, a relief.

I throw this words,

as roses,

I mean this words,

like life,

and I love you,

Just as you are.

(this is so sweet! I mean, Tri-awesome? How awesome is that! <3)

The next poem is written by Kira –>

She wrote this for me because I was fighting against some dark days. I am so honored and feel so grateful that she wrote this for me to get me into the light again. I am really beyond words every time someone writes a poem for me. ❤

army of light

armies of ethereal light
charge on steeds of white
swords of silver drawn high
angels declare their battle cry

children of light shall be set free
as promised, by heavenly decree
prisons of darkness disappear
as armies of light draw near

darkness can’t coexist with light
good has already won this fight
light’s victory is guaranteed
all its children shall be freed!

This is sweet beyond words and it relights a spark of strenght within! ❤

Written by Invisible Me–> when I was struggling with the darkness

Rise again, strong Phoenix
scattering ashes as you fly
spread your wings and soar
far above the darkness
that has power over you no more
Rise again, strong Phoenix

Thank you my dear friend, I really needed that! ❤

My dear friend Adrian –> wrote a lovely poem for me.

Love Personified

Not a single day passes in which she has not grown more beautiful

Not a single moment of time flies by with love blossoming from her

Every breathe that she takes harvests life of the grandest splendour

That even wondrously coloured bird would land from its flight

To marvel at a vision of pure delight, tranquil harmony of love

She speaks in tones so gentle that they sound like a soft breeze

Flowing through a forest of pine trees, where squirrels feel safe

Her words comfort like a blanket around a new born child

Softly and gently, she guides life with compassion and kindness

She is everything that everyone dreams of, love personified

By Adrian Mitchell

I am very honored and out of words about the beauty of it. Also have no clue why I would deserve such a honor but I am very grateful!

My dear pirate pal Shauny dedicated this amazing blog to me when I was
feeling really devastated–>

Thank you again, sweet friend. Friends are for Life!

My sweet friend Juulz made a lovely post about me and I am still a bit out of words because it was so darn sweet! ❤

Thanks you again Juulz! You really made my day and I am blessed to have found a friend like you! You are awesome! 🙂

Beautiful poem written for me by my mother in law–>

Just Patty,

You can give a child strong foundations
So powerfull that they break away
And when they exceed your expectations
There is only one thing to say
Fly my little girl, grab your wings
Let the world know that you are here
Musing upon many things
Your mind bright and clear
You gave us so much to think
And you never lost control
Sometimes you were on the brink
With confessions of a lost soul
Fly my little girl, the world is yours to play
Never let your heart be still
And whatever people may say
Just listen to you own will

Just Marijke

Thank you so much, it’s so beautiful. I love you! ❤


Got this adorable picture form my dear friend Ajay –>

Thank you so much, I love it. You are missed beyond words. ❤

The extremely talented mcfcwolf  –>  wrote this awesome poem for me as a gift for my 1 year of blogging anniversary! 🙂

Dutch Girl
on the North Sea
your works of Art
Captivate Me

International City
of peace and justice
should we share a Beer?
well of course we must
walk along The Peace Palace
no hidden agendas
no harm or Malice

Cycling in the city in the Summertime
the beach town resorts always on my mind
the canals the lights the beats the rivers
sweet tiny Dutch treat slivers

I want to taste
I want to cut and paste
In My Soul there is one thing I trust
the wonderment of

Dutch Girl
Show me your Dutch Masters
I am writing so fast that it can only get
Johannes Vermeer’s paintings
they speak to Me
Can we share a beer in
Hotel Des Indes
while we sit?
and speak drunkenly
Dutch Politics
ride the A12
to where ever it leads
I promise if you paint on this heart
it will not bleed

Dutch Girl
in your world
I am much too far away
I jumped on a train
from Hollands Spoor today

and it takes me further away from you
further away from realness
and truth

but Maybe in September
on Prince’s Day
We can find the means
and find the way

to sit and talk
paint and write
Embrace together
the warm oceanic night
Art in Our Time
is meaningful and right.

Can’t wait till we can have that beer someday my amazing friend! Thank you so much, I am truly humbled. ❤

My sweet friend Eric–> wrote me a lovely little Haiku on one of my posts. I adore Haiku’s! 🙂

Past makes us worry…

Future glean mighty furry…

Now is all that is

It’s so great! Thank you so much Eric, I really love it! 🙂 ❤


Written by my dear friend and wolf brother Martin —>

Out of words, it’s so lovely! Thank you a million times! ❤

Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for all the time that you spend
Thank you for staying by me the times when I was blind
Thank you for staying by me the time when I had a lot on my mind
Thank you for opening up yourself to me
Thank you for not leaving even when we disagree
Thank you for showing me I have someone to trust
Thank you for helping me say goodbye to things unjust
Thank you for being there
Thank you for not letting me fall into despair
Thank you for being the friend that you are
Thank you for showing me it doesn’t matter if we’re near or far
Thank you for showing me love
Thank you for making me laugh..well kind of
Thank you for understanding my silly mind
Thank you for showing me you’re one of a kind
Thank you

Written for me by my dear friend and brother of heart Jullian—>

Thank you so much Juulz. I love you! ❤

For Patty,

When good spirits sense fragility
They come with love and care
Find in them a pillar of strength
When yours crumbles in despair
To ward off those who would harm you
They’ll be your shelter, be your fort
Thoughts of love surround you
As spirits send their strong support
When darkness folds around you
And you feel no one is there
when the mirror starts to crack
and glass shatters everywhere
It is darkness’ desperation
When it starts to lose control
As the love and strength around you
Turns to light and fills your soul.


Written by my dear friend who offers so much support, Kev –>

Thank you, my dear friend. You are one in a million!



very inspiring blogger award

Got this one from my amazingly talented friend Shane–>


A truly great writer and lovely person, Soad—>


A very sweet friend and wonderful writer, Melissa


A very loyal reader of my blog and a sweet person, Lisa


A great blogger and a very kind person, Kristy


My dear friend and sister of heart, Horty ‘Doc’–>


The awesome Vik–>


My sweet friend who I love Toria —>

Shane’s comment: ‘Patty= The sweetest Person I have ever known. =] She has encouraged and supported me from the moment we stumbled across each others blog. She is an AMAZING Writer & Photographer!’

Still dazzling because of these sweet words…

Soad’s comment: ‘Patty, because she’s nice’

That says it all. I like to be nice! 🙂



Got this one from a lovely writer, the sweet Jane–>


A  great writer and very nice person, Steven aka Critical Thinker—>


A great writer Frank–>


A  lovely person and talented writer, Soad—>

A very talented and kind person, Ado (The daily rant) –>Ado ‘The daily rant’

and Takk så mye. Jeg er virkelig beæret. Mye kjærlighet og klemmer til deg!


A big thank you to my friend L.Marie


By my dear friend and fellow pirate Shaun


By a new friend of mine, Morgan


By sweet Horty–> !


By the lovely Melanie–>


By my friend Yelloz–>







14 times nominated… I am just speechless!

Jane’s comment: ‘I love your photos and your writing! I nominated YOU for the Versatile Blogger Award. YOU are an AMAZING person!’

I am so honored…

Steven’s comment: ‘I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award because you surly deserve it.  I have enjoyed visiting and reading your work here and hope you the best.’

I am truly grateful and a little overwhelmed…

Soad’s comment: ‘Patty, for being a good friend and faithful follower’

That says it all. I love to be a good friend! 🙂


My dear friend and sister of heart Doc (Horty)

nominated me for The Real Neat Blog Award! I am humbled once again!


Got this one from my amazingly talented and dear friend Shane–>

I am really proud on this one in particular! I love making the most of every moment! 🙂

And from my new friend Melissa–>

And from my dear friend Ajay –>

And from the sweet Vijay–>

And from my pal Shaun(twice!) That’s so sweet!–>

Thank you so much! I treasure this!


This is my favorite award so far, because I value family above all.  And I got nominated by eight amazing people! I am really beyond words…

Bastet and Sekhmet–>

Thank you so much, sweet friend!


I am truly grateful you think so high of me, Ionia! Thank you so much!


Thank you so much, my sweet hero, for nominating me for this award! You know how I feel about family, don’t you? 🙂 You are my family! Love ya! ❤


I am so honored to be nominated by you as well, my new friend!


Created this most wonderful award of all! I am proud to be part of his WP Family!

Jane –>

She is so kind and gentle, calling me a Courageous Woman Princess! Thank you!


Such a sweet person, I love to have you around!


Talented and very kind. Thank you so much for including me!

Horty–> !

Lovely and such a kind soul! Thanks Doc, I am so honored!

Wow! My Family is getting so big! I love it! ❤

sunshine award

The Sunshine Award! I am truly honored that Shane, Shaun, Jane, Toria, Shane, Vijay, Irene and Ajay have nominated me!

Thank you so much, Shaun! I am truly honored and I love this award so much!

Thank you Jane, you are such a sweet, caring person and you light up my days with your amazing comments!

Thank you Toria, I don’t know you for very long now, but I can’t wait to get to know you better!
Your writing is fantastic! (

Ajay, thank you so much! You are so very kind and talented as well! Your comments make me feel loved and
shine a light on even my darkest times! (

Shane, my bright shining Hero! Thank you! Love you! (

Irene, my sweet friend who makes the most beautiful jewelry! I am honored, Thank you!

Horty ‘Doc’–> My sweet sister of heart!


I got nominated by Jane–> for this fabulous award! And she’s calling me her ‘Dragon of Courage’ too! How about that? I couldn’t be more honored! ❤

Jane, you are so sweet! I can’t say this enough! YOU are SWEET! 🙂 Your blog is just as wonderful as you are, you can feel the love there! Love you!

Soad –> I am honored beyond words! Thank you for thinking that high of me, my friend!

Toria –> You are sooooo amazing! Thank you! Thank you! You are too sweet!!!

Rene–> Thank you so much my sweet friend, this award means the world!

Eddie–> Thank you so much bro!

Yelloz–> Thank you so much my kind friend!

Don–> Thank you my dear friend!

Alex–> Thank you Alex! I really really adore this award and I am honored to receive this from you!


Vik –> made this spin-off award from The Dragon Loyalty Award and nominated me for The Loyalty Award!

Thank you so very much! Loyalty is something that I value highly in life, so I am honored to receive this award.



Nominated for The Interesting Blog Award by

Thank you so much! I feel truly honored. You are a very inspiring person and has such a great blog!

Toria –> This woman makes me feel so happy!!! 🙂


Nominated for The Super Sweet Award! (By some Super Sweet People!) 🙂

Toria –>


Saunved –>

Soad –>




Lisa –>

Katie –>



Love it! Thank you so much! (still wondering were you all get the idea of me being sweet though…) 🙂

sunshine-award2Nominated for The ‘other’ Sunshine Award! You making my days bright! 🙂

Shane –>

Toria –>



Horty “Doc”–>




my dear friend who is always so kind and shares such amazing posts, Ajay –>

my sweet friend Melissa

the lovely Beth

the wonderful Lisa

the great Vijay

my dear friend L.Marie

the lovely Katie

my fellow pirate Shaun

My friend Yelloz–>

Thank you all so much!


Jude me for The Beautiful Blogger Award! Thank you Jude! I am honored to receive this lovely award from you! You are a beautiful blogger yourself.



My friend Don–> and my dear friend Horty (Doc)–>

nominated me for the The Butterfly Light Award!

Thank you both so much! I am very honored to receive this beautiful award from you my friends and I certainly hope that I am worthy!


seed-of-light-award1Nominated for the Seed of Light!

A lovely award to spread the light, love and respect among bloggers!

Thank you so much my friends, for this great award!



Dear Kitty–>

Horty (Doc)–>

I am not worty! But I will try my best to be!


My dear friend Horty (Doc)–>  who I love like a sister also nominated me for the Community of Bloggers Award! I love this awards sis, thank you so much! FFL!


abcNominated for the ABC Award! Honored and grateful!

A big big thank you to Ajay, Shaun , Lisa and Eric–>

I love this! ❤


Nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by

Soad –> Thank you so much, my friend, I adore this award and I feel honored that I’ve been nominated by you!

Toria –> Thank you, my dear friend, I love it! You are so sweet!

Kristy—> Thank you so much for thinking of me. I feel honored! Love your blog! Hugz!

Marie Ann—> Thank you so much, I am grateful and touched that you thought of me! You are a lovely person and I love your blog as well.

Preeti–> Thank you so much! I am very honored and grateful to receive this award from you!

Raven–> Thank you very much. I am truly honored to receive this award from you!




Nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Lisa and

Ajay and  Barbara  and Lenanoid !

Thank you so much my friends!


Nominated for the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness!

By Ajay–> A dear friend who has such a big heart! Thank you so much!


Nominated for the Most Influential Blogger Award

by Lisa

and Shaun

Thank you both so much! I am honored!

Lisa: Takk igjen! Ikke bare for nominasjonen, men for din lojal tilhengerskare også. Jeg er virkelig takknemlig for det! Mye kjærlighet til deg.

Shaun: Just love you pal! It’s so much fun to have you around and spamming my blog! Please, keep doing that. You make me laugh with every visit! Lots of love to you!

20130605-195713Nominated for the Hug Award by


Thank you Lisa, I just love Hugz! 🙂


Nominated for the Rose of Kindness Award by my pal Shaun–>  who truly touched my heart with his words about me: ‘Patty
is an amazing woman, with an amazing heart who did something for me that brought me to tears. She knows xx’ Yeah, I do know. ❤

Shauny is a great friend who makes me laugh almost every day, but also can touch my heart with his kind words. Thank you so much for this award, Shauny. It’s beautiful and I am touched by this honor.

And by Eddie and Lisa

Thank you so much, I am honored to receive this award for the second and third time. I believe that kindness is one of the most beautiful things to share with the world, so I am touched by this honor. Thank you so much my dear friends!


I got nominated for The Loyal Reader Award by Shauny–>

My dear friend and fellow pirate! Arrr mate, thank you so much! Love this award because it has the word ‘Loyal’ in it! 🙂

Nominated again by Bee

And by my friend Yelloz–>

Thank you so much my sweet friend! I am trying my best to be a loyal reader for sure!


I got Nominated for The Inner Peace Award by Ajay

Thank you my dear, dear friend with the kind heart and beautiful soul. Lots of love to you! I feel honored once again.

And by my dear friend and fellow pirate Shaun

Thank you so much pal! You always seem to make me smile on the moments I need it the most. Thank you for being you and such a good friend to me!

And by my sweet friend Kristy And my lovely friend Melissa

And by my friend Don–>

Just when I needed it the most, thank you so much!


I got nominated for the Most Creative Blogger Award by Ajay

Thank you my sweet friend. Your kind heart always touches mine.

And by my friend Yelloz–>

Thank you my friend, you Always make me smile!

unique-leaves-award1I got nominated for the Unique Leaves Award by Ajay

I feel honored and grateful. Thank you. I love you, my sweet friend!


Nominated for the Share the Love award by Beth

Thank you Beth! This is an lovely award and I am honored to receive this from you, my friend!


Nominated for the Shine On Award by





Thank you all so much for this lovely award! I am so honored to receive this.

because-ur-fantabulousNominated for the Because You Are Fantabulous Award by

My dear friend Ajay

awesome-blossomNominated for the Awesome Blossom Award by

My dear friend Ajay

The sweet Barbara->

The amazing Horty ‘Doc’–>


Nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award by

My dear friend Ajay

My friend Yelloz–>

awardNominated for the Excellence Award by

Sweet Brenda–>


The lovely  Kay–>


My kind friend  Yelloz–>


Nominated for the You Are A Miracle Blogger Award by

Sweet Brenda–>


Nominated for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award by

My pal Shauny –>

Thanks pal, Pirate Sisters for life! Lol! 🙂



Thank you my dear sister! 🙂


Nominated for The Imagine Award by

My dear friend Kim –>

Thank you dear, I am very honored!

And by sweet Horty–> !

Thank you so much! I am so grateful to have met you!


Amity–> and Horty ‘Doc’–> have nominated me for the Premio Dardos award!

Thank you so much, I am truly honored! 🙂


Horty ‘Doc’–> has nominated me for the Heart As One Drum Beat Award!

Thank you my big sister! FFL! ❤

Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg

Yeey! I got nominated for The Blog Of The Year Award 2013 by

Shaun–> (three times lol!)


Emma –>

Dear Kitty –>

Yelloz (fourcatpaw)–>


Horty ‘Doc’–>

Don –>



Thank you all so much! I am truly honored!


Nominated for the Peace and Justice Award by Horty ‘Doc’–>

And Eddie–>!

Thank you so much for this great award with the beautiful meaning behind it. I am very honored and I hope I can be worthy!


I got nominated for The Lighthouse Award by Shauny–>

Just when I was feeling a bit down yesterday, Shauny came along to shine a bit of light in my darkness! (he always does that!)

Thanks pal, I am really grateful we met and became friends. Thank you for being your amazing self!

And by Barbara-> who is a blogger that deserve this award more than anyone. I am very honored!

And by Horty ‘Doc’–> who shines a light of positivity onto the blogosphere!

And by Dear Kitty–> who amazes me every day with her educative posts!


I have been nominated for The Humanitarian Award by my dear friend and brother Shauny–>

Thank you so much pal, I am totally honored and humbled and I really hope I can be worth it!

This award was created by IDEALISTIC REBEL. in memorial of Nelson Mandela.

harmony and peace award

Received the Harmony and Peace award from Doc (Horty) —>

Honored & Humbled ❤


I have been nominated for The Inventive Blogger Award by Don–>

And by the lovely Mary–>

Thank you so much Don! I am very honored to receive this award!



has nominated me for a brand new award: The I’m NOT Featured On Freshly Pressed Award!

Thank you so much for this award my friend! I shall proudly show this on my blog

My sweet friend Vijay–>

also nominated me for this awesome award! Thank you so much!


My friend Yelloz–>   has awarded me for the Friends & Followers award!

Thank you so much my kind friend!


My friend Yelloz–>   has awarded me for the Friends & Followers award!

Thank you so much! I am honored!


I got nominated for the Love And Kindness Award by Holley–>

Thank you so much for this! I am very honored and a bit out of words actually!


I have been nominated for The “Shaun’y Award for blogging exellence” by Mister Shauny himself! :)  –>

Thanks pal, I am very honored!

And by Tonya–>!

Thank you Tonya, you are such a kind soul!

and by The Migraine Chronicles–>

Thank you my friend! I am honored!

and by Toria —>

Thank you my sweet friend! ❤

This lovely award is made for my pal Shauny who I love like a brother. If anyone deserves a own award, it’s this guy!


The amazing Richard–> nominated me for the Crème de la Crème Award!

I must say that I am kinda shocked that Richard chose me for this lovely and very special award!

Richard is a great writer and poet himself and I think it’s a great honor that he thinks I am worthy of this award. Thank you so much my friend, I am very honored and grateful to receive this award from you!



semper fidelis award

I got nominated for the Semper Fidelis Award by my sweet friend Jane  What an unspeakable honor to receive this award back! Thank you so much! Jane also dedicated a quote to me:

Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one. Eleanor Roosevelt

And by my dear friend Eddie–> Thank you so much my friend with a heart of gold! I am so honored!

And by my sweet friend Ajay –> Thank you my kind friend! I am so blessed to have you in my life!


I got nominated for the Parliament Award by my dear friend who I love like a brother Eddie, who’s also the creator of this wonderful award!

Check it out!–>

Eddie: Everyone knows that I love owls and wolves.  We know that a group of wolves is called a pack, but did you know that a group of owls is called a Parliament?  Owls have for centuries been symbols of wisdom and love, and wolves are a symbol of strength, loyalty and family.

I’ve created this award for those people who are in my Parliament & Pack.  You mean so very much to me, and you all show what I stand for: Love.  Hate is not part of your vocabulary.

Thank you so much for this wonderful award my sweet friend! I am honored and proud to be part of your parliament!

I also got nominated for this great award by Tony–>

Thank you so much! I am truly honored!


111 comments on “Awards and Dedications

    • Hey Barbara, thank you so much! 🙂 Do you have a link for me? I have trouble finding the post lol! 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year! Love & Hugz ❤

  1. Patty, The record of achievements/awards you have compiled is truly staggering to comprehend had I not seen some of it as it happened. Be so proud of yourself!!! Phil

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  3. I am sharing some appreciation and recognition today
    No requirements attached… Peace and joy is all ~ Eric

    PS I believe awards ought be given only – without any requirement… I have a few that have a requirement yet to share. This one came without conditions to me… the best – and I appreciate you… so,hoping you have a blessed week – because it takes me about that long or longer to get around the blogosphere these days. I love my friends… Love ya Patty.

    This was so sweet:

    My sweet friend Eric–> wrote me a lovely little Haiku on one of my posts. I adore Haiku’s! 🙂

    Past makes us worry…

    Future glean mighty furry…

    Now is all that is

    It’s so great! Thank you so much Eric, I really love it! 🙂 ❤

    Thank you!

    • Thank you so much my friend! 🙂
      I really love that little Haiku, it’s beautiful and it was so very thoughtful of you to write it.
      I am honored for the nomination and blessed by your friendship!
      Lots of love and hugz ❤

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Patty — I am nominating today for an art merit award.

    Much to my amazement, I received a stunning new award from my friend Marlyn at Kintal.

    Along with the acceptance of the Award I was to express my love for art and then choose six bloggers for the award.

    So, I am nominating only six as the requirements limit me.

    My six bloggers are:

    Please open my page to pick up the award badge and for the exact instructions for acceptance.


    ~ Eric

    • First of all congratz my friend! 🙂
      And thank you so much for nominating me for this beautiful award! I am very honored to belong to your 6 nominees. I will make a post soon to pay this great award forward!
      Lots of love and hugz ♥

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    • Thank you very much pal. I am honored to receive this award from you and even more honored that I can bring a bit of light! You do the same for me, you know that. ❤
      I gladly accept and will make a post as soon as I feel a bit better.
      Lots of love and hugz ❤ X

    • Thank you! In all honesty, I am only blogging for about half a year now. But in this time I met some very sweet and kind people! I am blessed with these friends!
      Lots of love

  7. Please, Please, Please accept this Award..
    And I will buy you cake at the shop
    If you have it already showing in your blog, simply go back to where you put it
    and put Awarded x2 below it in “Caption” in Widgets in your Dashboard where you pull Image over
    to show these Awards. Also enter the URL by Copying the URL from the Award I have given you.

    Thank you
    ps: If you do not accept award, can you PLEASE give this to someone else.
    If you do, can you let me know you accepted it. Cheers

  8. Seven (7) Awards in one Award
    Please accept these Seven (7) Awards.
    They are all for you.
    The rules are as the same on my page, A-Z About yourself.
    It is good fun. If you already have an Award I am nominating you, just do as I do and put Awarded x2 below the Award you have.
    If you do not accept awards, could you please pick a friend to give it to?
    I hope you can accept this fun award.

    More Love, Less Hate

    • Thank you my dear friend! Of course I will accept, I am honored! There is ‘Loyal’ in the name of the award and you know how I feel about that! 😉
      Hugz to you!

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