Danny’s Lair


Hey, there you are!

Welcome to my little space on this amazing blog.

Ever since my love, Patty, started her blog, she amazed me with her poems.
Some of her writings even triggered me to write for her, that’s when it all started.

Although I’m still in denial, the poems keep floating out of my hands.
There is totally no logical at all. All kinds of topics pass by.
And truth to be told, secretly I’m enjoying to create this kind of art.

I will not detain you any longer and hope you’ll enjoy my poems.
Please don’t be shy in sharing your thoughts.

Thanks for visiting,
Greetings Danny

Banner_Poetry land


true friend danny

I remember


Dont hide




Haunted House

Done Crying


Like to hear what you are thinking!



40 comments on “Danny’s Lair

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  2. Who is this Patty thou speakest of? Keep on bloggin in a free world, Danny. ‘Go do that voodoo that you do so well.’ (from history of the world). Have a prophet-able day – The False Prophet

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  11. Danny, Now Patty’s work has lead me to read yours! You’re a good writer as well! Patty’s work is rubbing off on you…..your subjects & the sound of your words remend me of Patty’s work! You are both very luck to have one-another! I can read the love between you! Phil

    • I’ve been a sleep for a couple of months… or was it the house improvements 🙂
      But thanks for reading and your comments Philip.
      I recently created some new. The first one posted yesterday, have fun!

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