Duet Poems

Here you can find the duets I have written with some very special people!

Want to write a duet poem with me? Just let me know on this page!

Duet written with my cousin Sheryl —>http://strongwordshavepower.wordpress.com/

little lost bird

Duet written with my brother Shane


Duet written with the love of my life, Danny—>https://petitemagique.wordpress.com/dannys-lair/

That Mask Again

Duets written with my dear friend Saunved —>http://saunved.wordpress.com/

Diamond Entrapped

Diamond Hopeless

Diamond Warm

Duet Poem I wrote with How Anxious –> http://howanxious.wordpress.com/ a great writer who’s a real wizard with words!

Those days remembered

Duet poem I wrote with my friend Juulz —> http://jullianiskool.wordpress.com/


Duet poem I wrote with my friend Will —> http://allmeanssomething.wordpress.com/

here I am

Duet poems I wrote with Richard –>  http://richardankerswrites.wordpress.com/


That Moment

For this duet, I had the pleasure to work with a writer whose work I truly adore.

My friend John —> http://jmc813.wordpress.com/

a final nightmare

Duet poem I wrote with a great poet and a lovely friend of mine, Adrian Mitchell—> http://adrianmitchellzar.wordpress.com/

A New Dawn

A duet I wrote with mcfcwolf, a writer whose style I truly adore because it’s raw and honest —> http://mcfcwolf.wordpress.com/2014/03/22/camera-sun/

Camera Sun

I see you hiding in the forest
camera sunshine through the trees
I long to roam your countryside
darling and do as I please
images are vivid
in these new scenarios
inhibition with vision
simply goes
into the ocean
to wash away
two trees in the forest
we are and may
become one under the beauty
of Spring Time camera sun

I see you looking at me
With shimmering velvet eyes
Are you able to see inside me?
The thousand untold lies
Images are volatile
Disappearing in the wind
Without a trace
Simply gone
Hiding beneath the surface
Of the soothing sea
Two souls drifting
Try to find a way
Hesitantly touching your skin
Under the Spring Time
camera sun
realizing dreams
sometimes come true
click flash click
May God’s Love be with

Duet I wrote with an amazing poet and overall awesome person, Ihsan –>http://iithinks.wordpress.com/

a lovers dream


Another duet I wrote with my sweet friend, Ihsan –>http://iithinks.wordpress.com/

A Lover's Dance


Duet Poem I wrote with my dear friend and mio fratello Eddie –> http://justusowls.wordpress.com/

listen to the wolf

An Epic Duet Series I wrote with my dear friend Alex —>http://youngadultfictionblog.com/


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Diamond duet poem I wrote with my sweet friend Edward–> http://tatroedward.wordpress.com/

DP duet with Edward

Diamond poem I wrote with my sweet friend Juulz—>http://jullianiskool.wordpress.com/


I had the pleasure to write another duet with one of my best friends who I love like a brother.

 My dear friend Jullian–> http://jullianiskool.wordpress.com/


Real Friends

So far away, but close to my heart
Can you see me smile?
Real friends are never apart
Standing stronger together

I gave you something I hold very dear
Can you make this promise?
No, don’t worry there’s nothing to fear
Walking hand in hand

Two souls, meeting once again
Can you feel it?
Just stay calm, count to ten
Having each other’s back

You helped me in my time of need
Can you stay with me?
Your space in my heart has grown like a seed
True friends till the end

No way that I will let you go
Can you hear me?
Through light and shadow
Never alone again

I can see you smiling
I will make that promise
I can feel it, our souls meeting once again
I can hear you calling out
Real friends

Jullian & Just Patty –

I wrote this duet with my dear friend Brian.

–>http://fozzyfitness.wordpress.com/ <–


I had the honor and the pleasure to write with one of my favorite poets again, my friend


Desperate Redemption

(photo taken by Adriaan Kastelein)

Desperate Redemption


Lost inside this dark hell I call my mind

Maybe happiness is just another lie

It seems like I have been falling forever

With broken wings, you can’t fly


Another soaring dream turned free fall

Panic and fear come directly to the fore

So claustrophobic in this wide open sky

As ground rushes up to annihilate all hope


Falling from grace, no turning back

Losing all that I once had

I would do anything to turn back time

Before this life drove me mad


Grasping desperately to find some resolution

As my irreversible past mocks with wicked intent

To go back and change would not be an answer

But another pitfall to see me deeper in this abyss


My life collapsing underneath my feet

I am nothing but a careless, distant observer

Seeing it all, but there’s nothing that I can do

Than to just endure this brutal torture


Is this what I truly believe to be my fate?

Surely I am not doomed to repeat past atrocities

There must be something more than meets the eye

A new way to turn the overbearing odds in my favor


Suddenly turning my life upside down

I draw my sword and clench my teeth

Prepared to fight to the death with courage renewed.

Stealing victory from the jaws of defeat!

John & Just Patty

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to write with a new friend of mine who is an outstanding poet!

Phen —>  http://darknesswarmth.wordpress.com/ writes some of the most amazing poetry I have ever read.

'Our Euphony, Sweet Perdition'

Our Euphony, Sweet Perdition

Do not adjust your set!

Downpour and domination

Muse the playful patterns

Of ecstasies sweet construct,

Synergy seduces and ensnares,

Hypnotized within You.


Dreaming demons conquer the night

Captivated and secure

Lullaby of stealthy destruction

Wrapped in soft delight

Temptation gets a hold of me

Losing myself within you


Ardent enticement lures

Each intensity, each moment,

Your melody steals attractions kiss,

The enduring heat convicts

Us to each other’s hold,

I feel you, close, soft, sensual,


Kiss you, hold you, drowning in you

Another fantasy, another dream

Your memory steals my sanity

Sweet suffering keeps me imprisoned

I feel you beneath my fingertips

Until you vanish and I lose my grip

Oblivion stands between us,

The abyss closes intimately,

No light, no sound, just

The empty corridors left behind

By the once, your absence engulfs,

Ripping, tearing, tormenting reason,


A distance I could never cross

I am stuck in an endless hurricane of

Swirling, unanswered feelings

Undying love and languish

Torn, shredded, crushing yearning

For something I will never have…

Phen & Just Patty



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