14 comments on “Monthly Update!

  1. What is a loop poem. Self publishing would be easier via audio for amazon and other places that would sell it on mp3. I do not know too many names of the upload sites, it is best to stick to the more known ones generally and make sure you look up the site first to check its legit

    • A loop poem is a poem where the last word of the first sentence is the first word of the next and so on. You can find a couple on my blog if you search on Looppoem.
      And thank you for the information. I am not ready yet, but I will definitely check it out!

      • Oh that makes sense. I have been reading a book entitled “Minor poets of the 17th century” and have found a rhyming scheme that is relatively new to me. There is a half line that rhymes with the second half of the last time and is good for reading allowed as it has a sensual speech pattern. Here is an example…. Is it because the rapes of poetry; Rifling the spacious sky. Of all his fires, light, beauty, influence, Did those dispense. On aery creations, that surpass’d. The real works of Nature, she at last. Too prove their raptures vain, Show’d such a light as poets could not fein? As in poetry-sky and influence-dispense. I am sure it is a little unusual although I may have just forgotten reading similar things else where.

      • Very nice! I like it! 🙂
        Before I started blogging, I honestly didn’t knew anything about poetry forms. I just wrote my thoughts without thinking about the form. But I like a challenge, so I try to learn a couple of forms I really like. Just to practice a bit. Most of my poetry is still the same though. 🙂

  2. Your idea with goals for every month are very good. I will try to make some too and not only for the year.
    You are doing great with your insight knowledge, what you need to learn from scratch again. Wow.
    Distraction is a part of PTSD and difficult to avoid totally, but you are doing this so good.
    Take good care of yourself.

    • Thank you!
      I found that monthly goals work better for me. It is true, I get distracted very easy, so I have to take small steps. But I am getting there! 🙂
      Lots of love to you!

  3. An excellent discipline re listing your goals monthly! Couldn’t that poetry book be a collection from what your have already written? You know best! On-line/digital publishing or hard copy? And what about your present publisher of young fantasy books? Are they interested in poetry? Phil

    • I think I will make it a combination of poetry I’ve already published here and some new ones. Poetry is not that popular in Holland. 😦
      None of the art I make is, I have been born in the wrong country! Lol 😉
      So I have to figure out something to get it out in the rest of the world. I get help from friends though, so it’s going to be alright! 🙂
      Hugz ♥

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