77 comments on “In loving memory of Ajay

  1. Patty this is beautiful! He was a special person to many and shared wonderful wisdom. I miss his friendship and loved seeing this on your blog! 😀 Hugs and love to you! ❤ 🙂

  2. Patty, you do not know me but I see my comment about Ajay was not posted to your blog. Thank you. I respectfully request that you delete my comments about Ajay as they are too personal and Ajay would not have approved as he was a very private person, as am I. Hence, I humbly ask that you just delete it. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to Ajay and thank you for not publishing my post. Peace and blessings to you.

    • Hey Tina.
      I am on vacation atm so I didn’t had the time to get on WP yet.
      I will not publish your comment if you don’t want me to but I do thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I miss Ajay very much as well. He was a amazingly kind soul and will be remembered always.
      Lots of love and strength to you. ♡

  3. So sorry to hear that. I knew Ajay via blogging for a few years. He was a very special man, always so warmhearted, encouraging and kind. My heart is very saddened 😦

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  5. Een paar dagen niet op mijn blog gekeken en dan is het schrikken bij zo,n bericht. Ik vond het een
    inspirerende blogger met mooie bloemen foto,s. Ik zal ze gaan missen.

  6. Who he was says it all. Every time Ajay spoke it was always from a kind heart and a clear truth. His energy will always be with us because of that. May this journey be his final truth and destination. Namaste

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    Thanks Patty for this tribute to our friend. I will miss him and his photos. I know that every time I posted a comment he always wrote back a thank you and was so humble. Peace & Love

  8. Condolences to the family! A great man! It will be an angel among angels.
    Enormous regret leaving reign between us.

  9. Thank you for your profoundly moving tribute. I looked forrward to every one of Ajay’s beautiful posts. He gave so much to our community. He will be missed….

  10. Loosing True Honest Heartz in da werld that have talent an a good outlook in life is very hard for those left behind, my prayers with AJAY family and AJAY FRIENDS WORLDWIDE ! Lotsa love 2 U an urs also…take care & Namaste’ across da werld to U 2 Patty! an again every reader that knew AJay I feel the same also, He always had good to say bout others , even those whom misjudged him….I will never forget 🙂 yes the man across the werld whom would always call me “dear” lol…. was his way,,, everyone was a dear 2 him 🙂 an those that weren’t could not affect him! he was a strong soul. PEACE-OUT!………………. Q

  11. Thank you for sharing this tribute to Ajay. I did not know him long, but knew him through his writing. He will be missed.

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    ……….Damn……….well, now all the FEARFUL egos that assaulted this wunderful misunderstood guy , well they can lewk back on their hate with regret now, for they were so very wrong. once again : 😦 Peace be with Ajay : i am sure he will be missed by many a poster here,,,I am used to seeing 100 or more likes on most of his posts… bummer news this day thats fer sure to mikey here..will have to do a postit for an about Ajay myself …jest chatted with him a week or so ago…..who would have evr known, huh well, this is the internet… so a tear er 2 fer Vijay 2 day! NAMASTE’ Q

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    • Thank you my friend.
      I miss him too. He was very special, such a gentle and kind soul. We will hold him in our hearts.
      Lots of love and hugz to you ♡

  14. Patty, A beautiful loving tribute & farewell to your friend Ajay, a person of great quality & talent. This goodby, as with all partings of those you love, is difficult for you I can see. Phil

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    OMG Just heard. Patty that is an amazing tribute. Ajay, he was an amazing lad. RIP Ajay. This is so, so sad. Well done Patty.. ❤

  16. I am very sorry to hear about Ajay. I have enjoyed his beautiful posts for a long time. He had a gentle spirit in his comments on my blog. He will be missed. Peace.

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    The power of the written word! I began to meet Ajaytao as he sometimes liked some of my posts. Slowly getting to know him and enjoy his comments, postings and photography!
    As a connected community, we feel this loss and will miss him greatly. May he rest in peace …. Much love, indeed!!

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