21 comments on “A epic duet poem: The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic Part 4

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  2. You two…keep writing together, I’ll keep reading. Even with the “dark” tone, there’s a delightful touch of playfulness in your collaborations that I very much enjoy seeing.

  3. again WOW Brilliant I love it all what can I say that I havent already xxx its had me from start to finish like a good book very well written and spell binding use of words and verse bravo love both your work 😉
    hugs all round love it guys well done

  4. Patty & Alex, By Part 4 of “The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic,” you two are now like James Joyce writing “Ulysses”!!! –undoubtedly Dark but I read a soft Gray edge as well. I put my money on Alex for the first section & Patty for the second section. I base that on language used & way of expression. But less sure here. Part 3 I was more confident Alex was the first section & Patty the second section, the same reasons but also Alex’s lines were longer than Patty’s short line style. Here in Part 4 you were fooling me, messing with my mind, both of you throwing in long & short lines!!! Phil

    • Hahaha! We are all for messing with people’s minds Phil! 😉
      Thank you and you were right again. Alex wrote the amazing first part, I am just following in his shadow. But I must say that I like it there! 🙂
      Hugz & Love ❤

    • You should see what else we have in store for WordPress.com Phil! This is us warming up and bouncing ideas off one another, when we really get a move on, the world won’t know what hit them. I did say to Patty that this poem was one I adored because I love the wordplay and unique techniques we both used in both verses. Thanks for the Love.
      Keep your pen busy!

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