29 comments on “Dedicated to the victims of flight MH17 and their loved ones.

    • Thank you Barbara.
      Yes, I am still in shock too. Especially since our government has a hard time retrieving the bodies.
      I am so sad for the families.
      Hugz & Love ❤

  1. Patty, “I stare” says what I cannot bear……..to look at the TV & the fields of people torn apart. Thank you for expressing our hearts too. Especially like your “RIP” graphic. Another burden heavy on the Dutch end, I am so sorry. Phil

    • In my opinion, nothing is clear about this or war in general. It’s a quote from the net that I found fitting for this post because the fact that so many innocent people lost their lives seems more important to me than who did it. But it’s not really clear to me that this quote is the part that caught your attention in this post.

    • True. But it does make a difference for the people here if someone is responsible. A accident is terrible, but this is been called murder in the media here. I am just sad that this happens. Makes me cry for humanity. 😦 ♡

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