5 comments on “Dark Poetry: Don’t need you

  1. This is powerful, Patty. I have the same reaction when I get hurt. I just need my space from them. The more they push me the more distant I become! love you

  2. Very powerful and strong Patty…
    I know “If you need to chat” goes against what you are saying here.
    We are friends, and if you need to chat, please, get on Facebook, I am there.

    I really hope all is ok Patty.
    I am worried about you ..
    You are ALWAYS there for me…So I am here for you, always x

  3. The walls are easy to build but hard to tear down. Life unfortunately is full of pain and many hurts and disappointments It is how one deals with them and over come them that makes us better and stronger.

  4. Alas…the walls around our hearts saves us from pain but also from joy…put a doorway in your wall so you can leave when you choose.

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