8 comments on “Tumbling Thoughts…

  1. The people we love and lose live on in our hearts- we carry a part of them always. And they won’t be forgotten if we don’t forget. I lost a friend in high school to suicide (he suffered with bipolar disorder and stopped taking his meds) which really effected me. I think that’s part of why I majored in psychology and school counseling- in order to help others during their dark days. I use a lot of analogies with my students and one of my favorites is that life is like a roller coaster with its rises, dips and drops.Things will get better and as cliche as it sounds, time helps a lot. Take care of you, Patty!!!!

    • Thank you Kristy. I know someday the pain will fade a bit. Unfortunately I have a lot of experience with losing the people I love. Every time I think: ‘this is it. Now I can’t take it anymore.’ But I always seem to survive somehow. And I know my brother is looking down on me, encouraging me to stay strong. So I will, I have to for the ones I love.
      Hugz to you ♥

  2. Patty, I understand that you want to follow him, that you do not feel strong enough. But what would he want for you? Not to follow him, but to live and give witness to the love and joy you knew through him. These tributes you give help the world know about Shane, help his memory live on in all of us. Sweet Patty, pour your heart out, continue your beautiful tributes, your exceptional poetry, but don’t leave us.

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