40 comments on “How to: Screw up an interview

  1. Transparency is a key factor in finding–and helping–people who can relate to your struggles.

  2. Good advice my strong warrior friend. I hope the article shines as an example for others with PTSD. I only wish I could read dutch. Be well Patty. Lots of love.

  3. This made me smile. At least you see some positive in it 🙂 and you look like a star! Im sure your guardian angel is fine. haha. Lots of love my dear friend

  4. I bet your guardian angel and mine would have a good time with comparing stories. I can here it now, “you think that was bad this one time…” 🙂 Let’s just say I can relate. Have a good weekend!!

  5. I’m proud to know you, Patty! I know the interview — before and after — had to be tough, but I am SO INCREDIBLY GLAD that you can also tell that “little voice” that it is okay to be visible:

    “also hope that maybe some people can get some strength out of this when they read that, even when you have been through an awful lot, you still can accomplish good things as well…”

    When you become willing to RISK the discomfort of hearing pity of people who DON’T really understand PTSD, your courage and accomplishment shines like a lighthouse of meaning and hope for those that are also struggling. PROUD, PROUD, PROUD to know you, Patty!

    • Thank you so much for your support Laura!
      It means so much.
      I really hope that I can somehow help others with PTSD by showing them that it’s okay and that you can wear your scars with pride.
      After all, they show that you were strong enough to survive!
      Love & Hugz ❤

  6. Patty, very well and sensitively written, but while I gather that there were things in the interview you were less than happy with… I have no idea what they might have been! I don’t read Dutch! LOL! I tried a Google search using your name and the writer’s name (tanya) but it didn’t work (although I did eventually find some other articles about you and your writing!)

    Is there a translation of the article someplace? Or a URL for it that I could then use Google translate on?


  7. By the way, I’ve been reading your posts on my email but haven’t been here for a while. I really like the look of your website.

  8. I think it’s absolutely AWESOME that you’ve ‘come out of the closet’.

    Carrying a secret all bundled and bottled up inside is treacherous. Especially if shaking the bottle a little will cause the inside to become all fizzy and spew out all over the place. Now that the bottle is open the fizz will dissipate by itself.

    So take a deep breath, sit back in your chair, relax your shoulders, and let that breath out along with the stress and worry.

    Besides, LOL, now that you’re a famous author everyone expects you to be eccentric!

    Kudos to you! Vickie

  9. Very enlightening! I will be in your shoes soon. However, opening up will help me sell my book since it is all about raising my disabled son. Emotion sells. I am counting on this. I want my emotions to come out in an interview so I can create awareness for disabilities. I want young parents to read my book so they can learn how to cope. Thank you for your post. Hugs Judy

  10. Patty, You said it all here. You are the wiser. Nothing wrong with a little 3X5 card in hand with your major points for a interview or a talk. Now you understand better why no matter the question, the politician gives his/her answer & says what he/she want to say even if it does not respond to the interviewer’s question! You did good! Wish I could read the Dutch! Phil

  11. Very well done Patty. You got a lesson to use in your future for the next books 🙂
    In the beginning here you were more closed and then by time, you open a little more up. Maybe it is good enough to get all of the bad out of your system. It could help you to go on in a new way.

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