10 comments on “Dark Diamond Poem

  1. I haven’t talked to you in a while! Remember me? I made your old header…how have you been?


      • I’m still writing indeed…
        Not as much as i used to because of the lack of vigor or time.
        To answer the question of “how are you” is to write an essay on my life because things aren’t going very well. But let me put it this way. Things are awful but the sun still rises for me each day and things seem to get better.


      • I’m glad you are still writing Anthonie, you got some real talent!
        Sucks that you have such a rough time though. I hope it will be better soon. Good that you don’t give up!
        Stay strong, it can’t rain forever. And write it off, that can help sometimes.
        Keep your head up!
        Lots of love ♥

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