3 comments on “Amazing Blogger: Phil

  1. Patty, I’m blown away by this spread on ME! Naturally, I hit “Liked” & started using your “Rate this” again after retiring it due to your rant. When I got the e-mail & clicked on “another Patty Post,” there was my profile photo plastered on the monitor! Don’t know how you keep up…as I keep saying….& now with your “Amazing Blogger” each week!!! I am honored! And to your broad audience out there I want to say that all Patty’s kind words are felt mutually by me about her!!! And I love Patty choices above from my http://excuseusforliving.com/ on the Civil War & Pasta Pepperoni, all in the right margin to choose from. Finally, Patty, love those words of wisdom above you know I like & I am deeply humbled by this honor! Phil

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