14 comments on “Dark Poetry: Hell’s Bells

  1. Patty, “Hells Bells” so very strong….your words…go hand & hand with your graphics of the bell ringing in death, death pounds in your bowed head below, & THOSE EYES (yours so beautiful!) looking through the mask that retrieves you to once again carry life forward. “Hells Bells” must reflect your life of recent loss. I like this for it’s power, the dark images, & how you, once again, “save the day” in the end to carry on. Phil

    • Thank you so much my friend.
      Yes, this is part of having PTSD for me. With every loss, the past is coming back to haunt me. The bells that sound when you have to say goodbye to someone at the grave are a sound that can trigger my flashbacks. I heard those bells again recently, so I have to struggle a bit with my memories. Writing helps me to clear my mind and to calm down. 🙂
      Lots of love and hugz.

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