18 comments on “Dark Poetry: Feelings

  1. i know these days – this makes me think of a quote i read today – my friend that passed away – i still keep his email address because some of our customers use it – about 6 months after he died (around the anniversary of my mom’s passing) , I – him – I started getting these inspirational Quotes of the Day. i did not sign up them – they just came and they still do – this one came today –

    “You are here for a purpose. There is no duplicate of you in the whole wide world. There never has been, there never will be. You were brought here now to fill a certain need. Take time to think that over.” by Lou Astin

    pretty cool huh?

  2. This was a powerful piece, a look inside the mind of someone at the edge of despair. I hope that it is in the past, and that things will be brighter in the future. Regards and best wishes from England, Pete. x

  3. Patty, So sweet, real, & honest. Your friend is lucky to have you. I am sad that these feelings ARE from your past as I suspected. Only could a person who has lived these feelings express them so well as you did. You managed your PTSD well through your writing. Oh, but you ARE a poet, believe me. You speak from your heart. You seem so tender & loving. I’m glad I’ve met you as well. Feeling a little helpless to cheer you when you need a lift. Sending some love back to you, Phil

  4. PATTY! So, so good! Your words express despair so earnestly, I can’t help but think these are your recent feelings of despair. And what you say is so dark, “Never good enough,” I want to comfort you. Tell me, please. From your About Me & How To, this must be a photo of you. Please tell me if it is. If it is you, all you say is wrong, for you are a picture of beauty & elegance. And that is a start to feel good about oneself. You demonstrate your high intelectual powers on your websire as well. I see this & am just starting to know you. There must be much many more outstanding qualities you possess. And your talents are many. Is there no one in your life for whom you care deeply? There must be. Perhaps, your poem is an expression for others in need & mereely an outgrowth of your experiences. Talk to me. Phil

    • Thank you Phil.
      Yes, that’s me in the picture.
      And these are my thoughts, as well as from someone I hold very close to my heart.
      Luckily I have many people around me who I love very much. These feelings are from the past. At least for me they are. But I have PTSD, so they come back to haunt me every now and then. It’s okay, I have learned how to deal with them. I can write them off now. That’s the reason why I began to write in the first place. I’m not a poet, but I write from the heart. Thank you so much for caring Phil. It shows me what a great person I’ve met!
      Lots of love

  5. Somedays can seem hard. No reason to rise from the bed. A very sad poem. I believe we must get up for the spite of the disappointment. A amazing poem. Made me think this afternoon.

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