8 comments on “Dark Poetry : Asylum of my own mind

  1. Pssst! Over here, there’s a secret door. Long stairway, careful don’t trip. Then, paradise! A place you can shout your feelings. A place where mythical creatures come alive. Fairies and mermaids enchant you to their world. A sandy cove with shells hanging from driftwood stakes, chiming out their sea song. Green and bodacious burst of floral blooms. The smell! Glorious. Sit on this patch of moss and take a sip of honeyed tea. Ahh, a hint of rose hip and chamomile. Feel the breeze, as your hair dances with its touch. Hear the waterfall cascade over the fern fringed rocks, to the shimmering pool below. All your sense brought alive by this paradise. You can stay, or you can return anytime you close your eyes and feel it, see it, taste it, hear it, smell it…
    The door to the castle has been sealed in brick by the unicorns and gnomes.

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