13 comments on “Poetry: Can you?

  1. I agree take your time, heal, write your feelings. Grieve in your own time and way. I just know I will visit your site continually and support you. The best way I can..I still miss and grieve at times for my Mum and Dad and the been gone for a long time..

    • Thank you so much. Your kind words mean a lot to me and your support does me good. I know, I miss my big bro still and that’s 18 years ago. Lots of Love β™₯

  2. Oh my gosh sorry if this offends but I’m bothered that someone would tell you that you should be done greiving. Everyone grieves they’re own way for their own time. This is so new and painful for you. My heart breaks for you. Grieve how ever long you need to, and write as much as you need or want too, it’s a great way to work through it. I’m so sorry you’re hurting so badly xo

  3. Patty, I have read poem after poem in the past few weeks from you about yourself and Shane. I have stopped liking them or commenting although your friends continue to, I am still your friend also and share your loss. I just wanted to let you know I read everything you do, but will not support or encourage your obsessive grief for this long. You may hate me for saying this and your friends will think I am a terrible person, unfeeling and uncaring about you. If I did not care about you I would not be writing this.

    I am old and at my age I have seen many loved ones both family and friends pass on to another life, death is as to life as birth, the beginning and the end of our physical existence on earth. With my faith as a Christian I understand Shane is in a much better place now than his suffering he had to endure here, so as saddened as I am with our loss of his presence with us I know and trust his sprite is alive and well.

    I will continue to read your great words in your poetry yet hope and pray you find peace soon in his passing that you may never forget your connection with him but accept it as a part of life itself we all must one day face. To start living again and writing of the beauty and magical things of life that you do so well in painting pictures in the minds of those who read your words. I knew Shane for just a brief time but felt I got him, understood who he was and what kind of person he was. Perhaps he would wish also your sadness were not so great and encourage you to think of other things in your life.

    I hope you do not take my comment the wrong way but I want to say this to you for you, maybe the wrong time and the wrong way, so just delete this if it is. But in liking and feeding your grief with encouraging comments about your loss, I just can’t. I want to motivate you to accept and regain your footing in your path of life.

    Lots of Love

    • Dear Steven,
      You are right about the wrong time. If someone you love very much dies, you can’t expect that a person is over that in a couple of weeks. I would not call grieving someone so special and close to my heart for a while obsessive. I lost many people in my short life, but I never had the time to grief because I had to survive. So maybe I’m doing it wrong in your eyes, but this is the way I can keep my sanity and find the strength to go on. Shane was not just a friend to me. He was way more. We talked every day and I suffered with him because he shared a lot with me. The last message he send before he died was to me. That’s not something I can get over easy.
      I am not mad because you share your opinion with me, you know I would never. But it does hurt a bit because I share my thoughts and feelings through my writing, something I never did in the past. The support of my friends does not feed my grief, it soften my pain. My friends make my heart warm up and even make me smile.
      And if I can be completely honest, I know Shane would want me to smile and enjoy life, but I don’t believe it would be that easy for him if it was the other way around.
      I really appreciate your friendship and motivation, but right now I’m not yet ready to see the bright side of life again. I won’t hold it against you if you un follow me, because my poetry will stay dark for a while. Life never has been kind on me, my friend, but I always got back up. And I will this time as well. Just not yet.
      Lots of Love to you.

      • Thank you for your reply and yes it is not the time for you as you say. I would never ever unfolllow you, you are stuck with me πŸ™‚
        Please delete my comment if you want because it was to you from me, not really for everyone. I fully get where you are at and respect that, it will take time……….I still pray to God to heal your sorrow at night.

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