3 comments on “Just one more time… please read!

  1. Any way I can vote for you without going to Facebook. I can’t go there without them re-opening my account which took me over a year and a half to finally get closed a few years back. Even commenting on a Facebook plug-in is enough for them to say I’ve then given my consent for the re-opening of my account, along with all the old information that they never really get rid of anyway. So if that ‘s the only way I can help you this time, I guess I can’t. I am sorry about that.

    • Thank you for wanting to vote for me! 🙂
      I appreciate it so much.<3
      There was no way of voting without Facebook unfortunately, but I won!!! 🙂
      Merry Christmas and a very happy 2017 my friend.
      Love & Hugz ❤

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