20 comments on “Amazing Blogger!

    • Hey my friend! 🙂
      I have been away from WordPress for a while.
      Busy with my third novel and went to Rome on my vacation.
      Glad to be back though! 🙂
      Hugz & Love ❤

      • But hey .. I have a question. My sonny boy has finally allowed me a tattoo on my shoulder..what do you suggest? Evil clown? Skull? The Greek God Pan?

      • Hahaha! 🙂
        That’s awesome! I love tattoos. In fact you can find a post I once did about them on my blog if you search on “Tattoos”.
        I have a bulldog, a dragon, tekst that says: “My Heart, My Soul, My Family” and Danny’s name myself.
        I love skulls, but I would never get a tattoo of one. For me, Tattoos are very personal, they have to mean something.
        Hugz ❤

      • I have to look for this post of yours. Yeah, well I love the wildness of the old Gods, like Rudra (in the Vedic times of India) or Pan. I like evil, because ( I think ) it represents a madness that is yet untamed, and not yet sanitised like most of our modern Gods.

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