15 comments on “Poetry: The Real Me

  1. Patty, you reveal so much hurt in this poem that is so beautifully written. It seems odd that something so lovely can be so sad. Hugs, my dear friend.

  2. Patty, Your poem sums up so much about you…It’s your “history.” Great photo here as model & actress that you really are especially after meeting “The Real YOU!” Returned from our cruise last night Sunday, our time 10:00PM. Still savoring our visit with you & Sheryl that started our trip off so positively. Need some time to get to photos but not too soon to say thank you for meeting up with us & those gifts! Phil & Geri too!

    • Thank you Phil! 🙂
      History and at the moment also my present, I’m afraid.
      It was so great meeting you! 🙂
      Glad that you made it home safely and I can’t wait to see the pictures of the rest of your vacation!
      Love & Hugz ❤

    • It is Hector.
      But there is a silver lining here.
      It could be even more sad if I would be someone I am not, just to keep someone in my life.
      I think this is better.
      Hugz & Love ❤

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