9 comments on “Taking a Break!

  1. You know Patty, I read your post and I was going to change my mind about asking you to join The Quote Challenge, but then I thought about it, and I thought what the heck. Quotes are really short, and you only have to ask three others to join, and it only goes for three days. Most important though, you really deserve the recognition. So I’m still going to ask, and it’s entirely up to you, whatever you decide. For all the details, you can come to my site, Vancouver Visions, but to get to the right post, you’ll have to use the old-fashioned address method since I’m so old and forgetful that I can’t seem to get my links working right. Anyway, the address you need is: http://wp.me/p52sKy-gtH Like I said, it’s up to you, but you do know we would love to have you.

  2. Although your schedule will be hectic remember to take time and enjoy the ride! It is a wonderful reason to be super busy and you should be quite proud of your accomplishments. Blessings upon you dear Patty.

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