15 comments on “Did you know that…

      • Little ones dancing, waving and blowing kisses to the Pretty Dutch Lady. I’ve explained the difference between Neverland and Nederland and the Netherlands))))). They don’t care for the truth, their fiction is more entertaining, so now you live with Peter Pan in Neverlands))))))))))))))))))
        I can’t wait until they’re old enough for school, they’ll be retelling literature in their own versions, indeed.
        Wishing you a wonderful week, dear Patty, you deserve it.
        And I’ll add my Hugs on wings of love my little Angels send your way.

      • Hahaha! 🙂
        How true, fiction and fantasy are things that every child should grow up with.
        It gives power to their dreams! 🙂
        Sending butterfly kisses and wolfiehugz to you and your beautiful princesses! ❤

      • awwww, thank you so much my beautiful friend.
        ͡ ͡• ♥ ͜ 👄 ͜ ♥ ͡•

        They will be thrilled, indeed.
        ͡ ͡• ♥ ͜ 👄 ͜ ♥ ͡•

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