6 comments on “Dark poetry: Comfortably Numb

  1. Patty, you are brilliant! Dark, deep, & such a wonderful passionate soul.
    I feel your emotions in this poem. It breaths what makes us frighten of ourselves,
    or frighten by others. If anyone can put themselves in our shoes of what we been through, they will understand the pain and humiliation that we’ve endured.

    However, with our poems we become stronger, unstoppable and caring people with a soul and a heart for the world.

    Beautiful poem patty. I support you and because we know what its like to feel this way.

    • Thank you so much Charlie.
      It’s hard for people to understand the complexity of living and fighting with PTSD.
      I hope that I, through my poems, can show at least a little bit how it is so people will understand better.
      Love & Hugz ❤

      • I know exactly what you mean. Just yesterday I was getting flash-backs and started to cry. It just getting flash-backs, you try to forget about it. But it just doesn’t stop. I know poetry is the medicine for PTSD. And that’s really the good cure for nightmares.

        You patty are doing a wonderful and beautiful job writing and expressing your poetry to the world.

      • Thank you Charlie.
        Yes, those flashbacks and nightmares are crippling. It’s like living with a time machine in your head, but you can’t control it. The only thing that you can try to do is to not let it control you either. PTSD will always be a part of us. But we are so much more than just our diagnoses!
        Stay strong.
        Love & Hugz always ❤

  2. Patty, “Excellently Dark,’ so much so it is somewhat frightening to me. It seems too Dark to not be you present feelings. I hope you are fooling me & expressing this for someone else & their feelings that you once experienced …….as you taught me long ago you do & write about…..I hope. Phil

    • Thank you Phil.
      No worries, it’s in the past for me, but in the present of someone I hold very dear.
      I hope that I can show the light to him this way.
      Being comfortably numb can be very tempting if you felt a lot of pain, but it’s not a permanent solution.
      Love & Hugz ❤

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