16 comments on “NaPoWriMo Day 29: Like a Raven

  1. PATTY, ON DAY 29 YOU REALLY HIT THIS POEM “OUT OF THE BALL PARK”! “Like A Raven” is SO GOOD!!! You have done no better. It at least ties with all your best which are so many!!! The content/message is so strong, plenty of Darkness you are fighting to shake off with those grey-brown wings into the Light. The use of the Raven & the feathers in words & photo! AND THE PHOTO, JUST AS YOU PROMISED, USING THAT DYNAMITE, KNOCKOUT PHOTO WITH OUTSTANDING GRAPHIC TECHNIQUE!!! And the “sound” of your words, just yearning to be GREAT “spoken poetry”!!! You must record this!!! Phil

    • Thank you so much my dear friend! 🙂
      So I was right to save this one! I like it very much too and I am glad that the photo fits the poem.
      I will make a spoken poem out of this when I have some free time on my hands for sure! 🙂
      Hugz & Love ❤

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