26 comments on “Poetry: Glass…

  1. For Patty,

    When good spirits sense fragility
    They come with love and care
    Find in them a pillar of strength
    When yours crumbles in despair
    To ward off those who would harm you
    They’ll be your shelter, be your fort
    Thoughts of love surround you
    As spirits send their strong support
    When darkness folds around you
    And you feel no one is there
    when the mirror starts to crack
    and glass shatters everywhere
    It is darkness’ desperation
    When it starts to lose control
    As the love and strength around you
    Turns to light and fills your soul.


  2. So, maybe the person is wrapping you in kindness so as not to get hurt him/herself? Seeing that you’re broken. I know how I am with broken glass, no matter how careful I am, I am going to get cut anyways. Another lovely poem and a beautiful picture to go with it. Keep on blogging in this free world – The False Prophet

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