27 comments on “Learning to deal with PTSD – Fighting PTSD

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  2. I don’t like that someone would have PTSD, but I like that you are so open about it. You sound like a confident, healing person! I applaud you! _Resa

  3. Well Done Patty! Very thorough and informative, which can be a perfect tool for those who live with PTSD and those who love someone with PTSD. It is a difficult journey but one worth every step. Blessings upon you.

  4. Preverbal psychological traumatic injury is being hit from the blind side. The symptoms are expressed by the body in a different manner and is generally deeper and too damaging for EMDR to surface. The symptons that are too painful to handle cannot be healed by surfacing them. At this time there is no treatment but meds and developing stronger life coping skills.

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