20 comments on “Dark Poetry: Choking in my Memories…

  1. That’s really good stuff, just edgy enough that I can still read it. Hope you are feeling alright and am very glad to see you talking about these things in your poetry. I know it helps me when I do that, I just don’t do it as well as you. I really do like your writing. Keep it up. I’ll read you later. 🙂

      • I know what you mean, although I’ve been free of flashbacks for a while now, I know what it’s like when they’re active, so you take care and know that there’s people thinking about you.

  2. Heya Patty is Matthew. I forgot my passwords and all my facebooks got stolen by people in the library who spied on me. I hope you are feeling as ok as you can be. My new facebook is on matthewisgrand@Gmail.com not sure about the url precisely. I have moved house so I can see a new doctor who does not pretend I am paranoid. They are being slow for this cancer or syphilis as I suspect it to be but I have moved so the new doctors are sort of doing more but kinda slowly. Add me on Facebook again we can chat sometimes 🙂

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