38 comments on “Bottling up…Fighting PTSD

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  2. I found your post through Dana Renee at Message In A Bottle. I have been suffering depression for most of my life and PTSD since 2003. I wish I had found this information years ago, my life would may have been different. I have been so much better the last year and a half but it took so much to get here. I am still suffering but the fighting has become easier now that I know what I am up against. This is great information and I recommend others who suffer to read this, it may help you through the difficult times. Thank you Dana for reblogging and thank you Patty for posting this.

    • Thank you so much for commenting.
      I am sorry that you have to battle PTSD as well. It sure is one hell of a battle!
      I have PTSD since I was 15, but I only got diagnosed 2 years ago. Before that, I had no idea what I was fighting.
      Stay strong!
      Lots of Love,

  3. People who have left cults experience these same symptoms. But, feel very alone when they try to talk about it,3 because most people are dismissive of trauma that is non-specific and elusive by design. (Plausibly deniable abuse that witnesses to the abuse by outsiders may not recognize it as such while watching the abuse go on first hand and may not even be abuse under normal circumstances where thought and behavioral control is not an issue.) Overall an encouraging article telling what it’s like for those that have difficulty expressing what is wrong.

    • Thank you Ryan.
      You are right, it’s very difficult for people to understand the impact some events may have on someone’s life.
      People should judge less and care more. PTSD is not an easy thing to understand. It’s very complex an very painful.
      Thank you for commenting. Stay strong.
      Lots of Love,

  4. I’ve been taking first steps. They’re still blowing up, like crossing a minefield. But I’m learning the pattern, and getting a bit further on some occasions. It shouldn’t be this hard. Other people do it. But I’ll get it.

    • The first steps are always the most important ones and often the most difficult ones as well.
      I am still learning too, but at least we are learning right? We will get there. 🙂
      Hugz & Love ❤

    • It is very difficult to fight Lisa.
      But it does give courage when you know that you don’t have to fight it alone.
      We will stand together! Stay strong!
      Lots of love & Hugz ❤

  5. Reblogged this on Mocking Bird Down and commented:
    I have Complex PTSD… several incidents of Trauma… but I am not a quiet introverted sufferer of my pains. I am sensitive… but I am angry and often irrationally so. Loud, and offensive to many – but the end result is the same as holding it all in. No one REALLY understands…

  6. I have pstd and am just starting to learn about it and how it effects me..the more I ignore it the more it effects my life..physically it is exhausting .thank you for the information…

    • You are very welcome.
      I am so sorry to hear that you have to fight PTSD as well. Just know that you are not alone.
      I have been diagnosed with PTSD about 2 years ago, but I have it since I was 14 or 15. It’s a long and hard battle, but it’s a battle worth fighting.
      If you want to know more about PTSD, just type it in the search box of my blogs. I have written a couple of articles and poems about it.
      And if you have any questions, or you just need someone to listen, don’t hesitate to email me. uppiecat@msn.com
      Stay strong.
      Lots of Love,

  7. Reblogged this on Message in a Bottle and commented:
    Over the past year, Patty has expressed so much that I identify with. This post not only delves into a tightly embraced truth about myself, but it also offers hope and guidance. I will post more on this once I get my thoughts together coherently. Thank you, Patty!!!

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