47 comments on “Dedicated Poetrics: You are not Alone

  1. Very very nice Patty, one of the many lines I loved was “always fighting perfect acting the world drives you insane” . Great poem as always, never is a let down to pass through your blog.

  2. You are just such a splendidly sweet and true friend, as well as a very gifted poet Patty. I miss you. I am hopefully going to be around here more often again, as some life issues have settled into place for me recently and I should have more time to write. I hope you are well dear friend.

      • You are always welcome, my dear Patty. Rest of family is well and growing like bamboo trees.))))
        I had some health issues, now just trying to remember to rest when I’m tired and avoid steps&stairs for the next while. and AVOID hospitals at all costs))))))))) Not a fun place to spend extended visits(((
        Much much better now. Fooled them, their tests proved I did have a heart and BRAIN. Now they know difference between PeterPan and TinMan from OZ.
        pray new year is ever so kind to you and yours))))) xoxoxo

      • I survived a road trip letting my daughters in law drive us. I am not a good passenger, at least I didn’t yell out instructions or guidance. But I think I left impressions of my fingers in the passenger seat up front.)))))))))))) And a lot of sweat drops, too, maybe.
        Actually they’re both good drivers, I’m just not used to being a passenger in any vehicle. They are safe drivers, others may think they are overly defensive, I know they are fully offensive drivers.)))) Sons were shocked when I said their wives would be driving. I just wasn’t up to that long a trip yet. All went well, surprised another Son for his birthday, fun was had by all. Girlies sang and watched videos most of the trip, entertained their little cousins and all of us, too. Growing so fast, I felt it was just yesterday that they were born, so tiny in their incubators for so long. Now you wouldn’t think they were preemies or sick at first. Hoping you have a wonderful week, dear Patty. Waves and kisses being blown your way from my Girlies))))))))))) and a few dances, too.

      • Hahaha, your story made me smile my friend! 🙂
        I like to drive myself as well.
        I am glad that it all went well and that you could spend some time with your family. ❤
        Lots of love and butterfly kisses to you all ❤

      • Today, took some me time and volunteered at local church school. They don’t have a lot of volunteers, so I pitch in when I can. Trip wore Kiddies out, yesterday and today they slept a little extra, look out tomorrow))))))))))))))))))))

      • Indeed, I am being “monitored” very closely by my Clan nad neighbors, too.))) Not used to being the object of so much “spying” ))))) I’m listening to the professionals and taking my time. Heel hartelijk bedankt. Ik wens voor u om te genieten van een prachtige week, gevuld met overvloedige lachebekjes, liefde en lachen. ❤

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