10 comments on “A Poem from my Poetry book My Whisperings

  1. Dear Poetic Friends: or poetry writers:

    How do you do?

    It has been a while without running poets rally for free verse, today, when we celebrate Thursday Poets Rally 5th year anniversary, we invite you, a poet who blog and support poetry, to participate,

    To join our rally, or submit one or two poems to our poetry prompt,
    Click on the link below:


    Happy Rally….
    Thank you in advance!

    this is for my friend, thanks and have fun.

  2. Patty, this is an absolutely gorgeous poem. Just the weeping willow hides all beneath within its branches, so the heart holds of all the pain, memories, and love. Great symbolism.

  3. I have a weeping willow down at my back pond. Why do weeping willows bring this feeling of weeping? I am always amazing how their leaves drop close to the water but never into the water. I love this poem it’s so wonderful and beautiful just like you! Hugs and love to you Patty! ❤

  4. Patty, “The Weeping Willow” in words just like the photo here stays with the reader ….it has such an impact, connects…..I have always felt that there is something almost hypnotic about the repetition of words…here “Underneath the weeping willow”….& when appropriate I have used repetition of a phrase in giving a speech or small talk or especially in a tribute to a person. It brings out a “rise” in the audience. Love this one too!!!!!!!!!! Phil

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