35 comments on “Update and Breaking out off the Comfort Zone

  1. It has been a true honour to simply watch from the sidelines as you’ve blossomed more and more throughout the last few months that I have been following you. I have come to love your poetry, your prose, and your artwork, as well as the guests you have introduced us to, and the great music with which you have tickled our ears. Everything about your site has been a pleasure to share, and I look forward to enjoying it much more with you in 2015.

  2. What a wonderful and positive post Patty. It feels so life confirming to read your post. Welcome back to life Patty and it is a great idea to do something positive and worth the hard work in April, so you get exchanged your feelings about April month.
    Wish you a wonderful new year 😀

  3. My dear Patty, I am glad you have decided to step out of your comfort zone and break down those walls. 2015 is going to be a great year, and I’m glad we are going to walk through it together. Lots of love. Big hugs.

  4. Amazing! And so much respect to you for the choice to be brave, it takes so much but is SO worth it 🙂 May this year bring you as much growth and happiness

  5. Last year sounds like it was awesome for you. Since I didn’t know you before, all I know is this wonderful honest woman who writes and loves dragons (a little!).
    Speaking of your fantasy novel (congrads on the award if I missed it), when is it going to be in English for us lazy folk who don’t want to learn another language? Short on funds so I missed buying your poetry books. The desire was there, even the consideration of allocating funds. I will though!

    Love you, love your writing, and love your spirit.

    Peace & Love

    • Thank you my dear friend! 🙂
      Wishing you an awesome 2015 as well!
      We are currently working on how to get it translated in English and the American market.
      As soon as I know more, I will let you know! 🙂
      Hugz & Love ❤

  6. Patty, Quite a personal statement…..& still amazing to hear even for those of us who have followed you as it all unfolded! What you are saying, Patty, is that you are growing from all these experiences. And what you say about forcing yourself to do things you hesitated to do or never would have imagined doing are very normal, human feelings. Those that have “become more in life” can identify with pushing themselves to do it!!! All in all, it sounds very positive, Patty, for a grander 2015!!! Phil

  7. Whishing you a very Happy New year, May your Blessings Be Many and your woes be few, and your desires come to you. .

    Love this, open and honest, piece, I’m so Happy for you. Please keep up your fantastic writings,.

  8. Thank you for sharing these wonderful words! May you and your family’s lives be fulfilled with many blessings, unconditional love, peace, joy, prosperity, cuddles, friendships, and all your heart’s desire this new year!
    Lady Virtue

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