24 comments on “Quote of the week!

  1. Absolutely, “Go big, or stay home” is the way my best friend used to put it, and now that I think about it, he was a lot like you in a lot of ways, all good. Take care, and I’ll read you later.

  2. Patty, Well said. I can identify! Criticism is the big one. It hurts. It helps to ask, “Does this person really love me?” If not, the hurt should lessen. But it’s still criticism, right? This gets into one’s definitions for love & friendship as we have discussed. I use the word “respect.” Do I respect this person’s opinion? The criticism might still hurt, but it is easier to dismiss the criticism if you have no regard/respect for this person at this point after what they said……revealing themself….they were living a lie! Truth. Phil

      • I totally agree! I loved this so much! So many things about being this way are awesome. The one downfall is the hurt feelings and heart. However, I do believe it makes us stronger and we bounce back quicker. I think. And we forgive and don’t hold grudges. That’s a huge plus. I’m so glad you are you! Now what’s next, take that mountain over there and I’ll back you up! LOL Big hugs and much love back to you! You are like a warrior and I love and admire that. I’m still reeling from my last battle. LOL ❤

      • I agree. It hurts but it makes us stronger!
        You are a true warrior too my friend and I know that you will bounce back from your last battle.
        We can not be defeated!
        Lots of love, hugz and strength! ❤

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