23 comments on “Can’t we just be people?

  1. Dear Patty, thankfully that’s why a DELETE and BLOCK button is at our ready finger tips. I am not a religious man, spiritual YES, I respect all religions of the world. All I ask of religious people is that they keep their beliefs to themselves, what I mean by that, is not to try and force me to believe what they believe in. I love all people of the world, regardless of skin color or race. Only those who attempt to force by hatred and terrorism will I react to them, no matter their gender, skin color or race. I live in peace and appreciate all humans who walk this earth, LOVE is the only way we will all get through these dark days. So any haters out there trying to impose their will upon you on your BLOG should be eliminated immediately by BLOCKING them. Peace and blessings I send to you this day. May you and yours have the Happiest Holidays and a happy and healthy New Year.

    • You are absolutely right Vincent!
      I always welcome everyone on my blog, I don’t judge but I don’t like to be judged either.
      And like you say: Block!
      But I do have a habit of letting nasty comment through on my blog, because I know a lot of people deal with it.
      Some of my friends even almost shut down their blog because of it.
      I can’t let that happen, so people are always free to try and get me down so I can stand up against them and in that way hopefully can help someone else struggling with the same issues.
      Wishing you and your family wonderful holidays and an awesome new year! 🙂

      • Yes too many are intimidated in their blogs, the weaker ones give up on the battle and do shut down their blogs. I would never allow anyone the glory of thinking they can abuse or try to cut me down on my blog. Fortunately for me I have had my site up now for 3 years and had only one idiot try to ruffle my feathers, I didn’t give him the opportunity, I immediately shut him down. I don’t need my loyal followers reading such trivia from abusers. I have found that the bullies tend to do this more on female sites, so stay strong my young poet and defend your castle strongly. Hugs.

  2. The response to racism is often….racism (as demonstrated here in the comments). You are totally correct my dear Patty ALL lives matter regardless of skincolor, religion, sexual preverence or level of stupidity (in my case that is of course) MrMilitant clearly does not see he is as racist atm as the people he is angry about, even so much that he is blind to see that he is in “if one homeless is a thief they all are thiefs” mode.maybe he should “shed his skin” for a while and try on the skin of that homeless, that gay or that MPS person for a few days and see if they indeed have less to fear than his “brothers and sisters”. ALL LIVES ARE PRECIOUS, ALL lives matter

  3. Easy Patty, you can call me your friend, cause the guy in the hilarious-looking clothing is absolutely right, he’s not your friend. He’s nobody’s friend. He’s not even a friend to the black man. He’s a walking, talking, bag-of-mostly-water with some hatred mixed in who thinks his problems are the only ones in the entire world that really matter. And as long as there are people who insist on continuing to think like him, this world will just continue to spiral out of control. Fortunately for us, guys like him are dinosaurs, and you just have to look at the music, the art, the writing, and even the movies that are being made today to see that people are finally waking up, and realizing that if we’re going to survive this mess, then we’re going to have to do it together. That means, there’s no more room for dinosaurs except in museums. So you just keep up doing what you’re doing, and don’t let the old guard get you down. They’re fading fast, and soon the last of them, myself included will all be gone, and it will be time for a new plan, played out by your generation, and hopefully, in a more friendly and peaceful manner. Peace.

    • Thank you my friend. 🙂
      Sadly, there will always be people who think that their own problems, skin color, country, religion or whatever is the most important thing in this world. And that’s okay, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. But I don’t allow people to spread hatred on my blog. Ever. I may write dark, but light and love is what rules my world. No place for haters here. I don’t accept them anywhere near me.
      Thanks again for your support.
      Lots of love ❤

  4. Ahh Patty it seems you are experiencing exactly what I am experiencing- a lot of pessimism. It’s sad isn’t it?

    People are ignoring the fact that the post was about acceptance and love and a personal opinion on some ways we can stop trying to turn the tables on each other; and go right to hate and dispute and trying to turn the tables on each other.

    What do they call that?
    Oh, that’s right! Insanity.

    • Hey Robin,
      It’s okay, I can take it. 😉 Still standing behind your post.
      There will always be people like that, sadly. But they are not insane, I am insane lol (Mental patient, sorry couldn’t help myself 😉 )
      I write a lot of posts where I end with ‘Don’t Judge, Just Care’. Still, some people just can’t help themselves when it comes to the judging part you know?
      Maybe they prefer hate over Love, I don’t know. I feel sorry for them, because everyone should know that Love is the only thing that ever solves anything. Hate never does.
      But things like this certainly learns me something about certain people. It keeps my blog nice and clean! 😉

      Lots of Love,

      • haha oh Lord no, I didn’t mean it like that 😛
        I mean is as so; insanity-repeating the same pattern over and over and expecting a different result.
        Indeed, not judging is hard for some people. That’s all part of it though-hoping love will help to reverse the attitudes instilled in many.
        I agree, Phil helped me realize that as I allow certain things on my blog and as I may be trying to make a positive point with responding to them, it provides this doorway for hate and negativity.
        I want my blog to be all sunshine and candy. Even with some of my not-so-happy poetry. It’s still about expression and understanding the hard times.
        Thank you for your continual support
        You’re awesome ❤

      • Hahaha, it’s okay Robin. I just couldn’t help myself! 😀
        I know what you mean.
        Yes, Phil is awesome and he gives great advise as well.
        True, I like my blog to be nice and dark as well 😉
        But sometimes I can’t help make a statement and I don’t mind stepping on some long toes when doing so.
        I have had my share of haters and bullies as long as I blog here, but they will find out soon enough that I am the wrong person to bully.
        Although I monitor my comments, I almost always let the negative ones through as well. Just because those people make a fool out of themselves and everyone can see them do it.
        When that’s done, I block them because I don’t like to let them hang around.
        So tomorrow it’s just business as usual lol 😉
        And you are welcome. You are awesome as well!
        Hugz & Love ❤

  5. Patty, Just returned from Robin’s good post & commented to her that her discussion was admirable but that she is subjecting herself to an onslaught of attacks. And here you are with “Jueseppi” being subjected to the same. As I told Robin of the irony, the world needs this discussion at the risk of destroying ourselves in the process. When a person takes the discussion in a nasty, personal direction, maybe we should just not respond or respond, “yatta yatta yatta,” & end it. Phil

    • You are absolutely right Phil.
      I didn’t see an attack like that coming but I will not be told what and how on my own blog. Personally, I think that because of these discussions we will be able to learn who someone really is. I won’t be shut up because someone is trying to push his opinion through or is just trying to be mean or something. I always plead ‘Don’t Judge, Just Care and I stand behind that with full confidence. The only thing I judge people on are their hearts. I don’t mind a discussion, but I don’t accept anyone saying that Caucasians like me are the cause of all what’s wrong. Because that’s just being racist and I don’t like that.
      I understand what you’re saying my friend, but nothing will ever get solved if we’re afraid to open our mouths. And because I am Dutch, my mouth is quite big and my voice loud lol.
      Lots of love and hugz ♡

  6. You being caucasian I’d expect that mindset from you. When Caucasian, Purple, Yellow people get treated daily as Black people get treated, then and only then we we ALL be equal people. Wake Up.

    • I am sorry that you feel that way my friend. But I think that you jump to conclusions a bit to fast here. How do you think someone with multiple invisible conditions gets treated in this world? Or someone who’s gay? This is not about the color of someone’s skin. This is about leaving judgments about others out of our lives. All judgments.
      Lots of love

      • I’m not your friend Ms. Patty. I’m a Black man who is witnessing Black Genocide, which has been evident for centuries and caucasians like you are a cause & effect. Namaste.

      • Oh okay, excuse me. I didn’t knew that I was only allowed to call you my friend as long as I agreed with you. My fault.
        I am not starting about my gypsy family or the fact that I have people in my family of all skin colors because I don’t think that you would even have the slightest intrest in those things.
        I am very sorry, but I don’t agree with the statement ‘Black lives matter’. Simply because All Lives matter!
        I don’t judge you on the way you think. I expect that you have your reasons for that. But don’t make the mistake by judging me because my skin has a different color in your eyes. It’s not fair and I actually thought higher of you.
        Have a nice day

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