23 comments on “Dark poetry: Damaged *warning* may contain triggers

  1. I love writing that captures true, raw emotion. This poem conveys it perfectly. It’s great how you take pain and turn it into something beautiful in writing. This helps people with similar experiences know that someone else understands and helps people who have never experienced it get a better idea of what it’s like and may help deepen their empathy. ❤ Great work! And writing poetry is a great way to cope with and heal our pain.

    • Thank you very much.
      Yes, writing helps a lot!
      And if my writings can touch even one soul and raise some understanding, I am the happiest person in the world. 🙂
      Hugz & Love ❤

  2. Wonderfully written! If anyone desires an understanding of what it’s like after a traumatic event; you have explained it with simplicity and clarity. Anyone that reads this will not be able to deny how difficult it is and how much pain it brings to experience something terrible in life or to deal with things like anxiety or depression. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  3. Good job…. It’s all there…..in few words. I think in this style you are on to what is “now’ in this fast world. In the education field with workshops & in the business world with seminars, the “handouts” (notes handed out at the session), with many worded pages were replaced by “bullets,” a sheet or two with phrases, short & sweet. People were more likely to read these & “get it,” short & to the point.
    All you poetry cannot be like this, but this is good for some messages especially in these times in which we live. Phil

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