38 comments on “December Award Shower!

  1. I am very happy to accept the award, thank you so much for nominating me, I feel very special. I am about a year behind with my blog award nominations. I may have to disregard some rules and just nominate a few people with each of the awards I have received, otherwise, it will be hard for me to ever catch up. Thank you so much for thinking of me. It’s wonderful. I love the award too, it’s beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much Patty for nomitated me for the versatile blog, love it so much I will do it for next week .. Hug and love

  3. Thank-you very much Patty. It’s really nice to be appreciated for whatever little bit we can contribute to this world we live in. I’m sorry I couldn’t actually accept this wonderful award, but with the one I’m already working on, and the longer articles I’ve been writing, I’m already cutting into the time I put into my work on my personal projects. I really do appreciate it though, and I thank you once again for thinking of me. I’ll read you later.

  4. Patty, My, what an array of awards!!! Always well deserved by you! What I enjoy most is reading your responses to questions, etc., & learning something more about you personally. So special. Congrats again! Phil

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