12 comments on “MY WHISPERINGS By Just Patty (Patty van Delft)

  1. Yay Patty this is so wonderful! I love your new cover art! Bravo and yay for you! I think you are amazing and brave to share so candidly! It is beautiful just like you! 😄💗

  2. Patty, I am thrilled you liked the review. As you know, I was worried about how I would do it, since a book of poetry is so different than a novel, which is what I usually review. Thank you for reblogging. Hugs ❤

  3. Patty, I LOVE your work and I am just so proud of you! We may have inner scars, yet we are strong and can and do overcome just about ALL that represents US. Bless you, Patty! (((HUGS))) Amy

  4. Patty, Michelle did a great job!!! Read it all! I like the way she uses your verse for several poems. Plus she “covered you” re real name, website, FB, “My Wings, ” etc. Very thorough but for you novels. Phil

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