10 comments on “Throwback Thursday: True Love

  1. Patty, I remember this post…It was so good & near to our hearts for Geri & me. Do you think true love is as wide spread, prevalent as it was 40 & 60 years ago? That would be my generation 40 & my parents 60. I know there was some bad marriages that people foolishly endured. And today we know marriage may not be a necessity for everyone in love. But I question whether young people today can trust their “true love,” that it IS TRUE, & that it WILL LAST. Sometimes I think young people live two separate lives but sleep in the same bed. Finances are separate. No real commitment. Phil

    • I think people are more guarded these days. They are afraid to say and show what they feel, because of how others will react.
      I also think that a lot of people marry too soon and divorce too easy. Although Danny and I married when we were 25, we already knew each other for almost 9 years.
      The most important thing about true love is, in my opinion, acceptance. Don’t try to change a person.
      If change is needed, do it together. Grow together. And don’t make problems about little things. I guess when you been through a lot, it’s easier to keep things into perspective. What are real problems and what are not? Not everything is worth fighting over. You’ve got to choose your battles and, in a case of true love, those battles are faced together, not between each other.
      Love & Hugz ❤

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