15 comments on “Quotes of the week: PTSD

  1. Dearest Patty,

    PTSD is akin to a festering thorn in one’s side because it is always there even when you feel you have a good handle on it. Identifying all the triggers helps, learning coping mechanisms, and then allowing yourself to be human will bring you through the lifetime scars of PTSD. Your quotes here are true and absolutely speak to the strength of the survivor. PTSD is a badge of courage because your mind, body, and soul chose to survive a horrific event or a series of repeated horrific events instead of devolving into something sub-human. People living with this are true heroes and if they spend each day striving to better this world in some manner then they have won a great and mighty victory over the monstrous events that thrust them into a never ending nightmare. PTSD does not give its owner the right to be a cynical, hateful jerk; instead, it demands the person develop more compassion, understanding, and humane behavior toward all. As you always beautifully and elegantly prove, PTSD does not define a person but it does make the person acutely attuned to the world around him or her. Senses are hyper sensitive and a person can have a superhuman ability to see what others want desperately to keep hidden. I wish PTSD did not exist but what you do with what happens to you in this life will define you.

    Your words ring true and just dear patty. Be well and may you be sheltered in love and compassion.

    • Thank you for your kind words again my friend. They warm my heart.
      And it’s very true, PTSD doesn’t define a person, his/her heart and soul does.
      Love & Hugz ❤

  2. PTSD is real and it is a quiet hell here, right here. I truly believe it is here and so is what is called heaven. The balance of joy and pain is part of this life ‘s journey. We make choices every day on this journey through a reality we call life. I choose to live in the light and the love of Divinity. We all must choose. Hugs, Barbara

      • You’re excited, I’m so proud and happy for you.
        and tickled to death, well not completely, just a saying in the southern US))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) <333333333333333
        My Nieces are waving to the "Pretty Lady"
        and clapping for your new book.))))))))))))) Hard to believe they are only or already 2, I'm not completely sure which is more unbelievable. I guess being around Adults and Opa George has made them grow up so much faster. They've mastered Good Morning in German, Dutch, Spanish and Hungarian. More than I knew at 2))))

        Have a wonderful day, dear Patty

        At least today my notiifications show up on laptop, phone version dorked out yesterday(((

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