56 comments on “Third place for Drägan Duma – Zij Die Hoort!

  1. So friggin’ cool! I am so proud of you. Can’t wait to read it in English though, unless something would be lost, then I guess I will have to learn Dutch. Cool!

  2. Though I am new to your lovely home here – I believe a BIG CONGRATULATIONS is in order!!!
    THAT is WONDERFUL news ~utterly exciting! An inspiration to us all I am sure.

  3. Patty, The great outpouring of congrats comments here are off the charts, as they say!!!!!!!!!!! And that crystal glass 3rd place award is very nicely done for a spot in your home! ….Please leave room for all the other awards to come down the years!!!!!!!!!! Can you add ALL the photos to this post here from your Dutch website & Facebook, etc? –Got to get you to brag more!!! You MUST keep in mind that your fine writing in lost unless you spend a good % of your time ALMOST DAILY promoting yourself!!! Many of us have led fine careers of dedication & never asked ourselves how can we tell the world & spread our work, our message. Phil

    • Thank you Phil! 🙂
      Yes, it’s awesome how people are so kind!
      Lol, I am not good in promoting myself as you know. It Holland it’s a ‘no done’ to promote yourself firmly.
      But I will try lol 😉
      Hugz & Love ❤

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