29 comments on “Battling an extreme sensitive little monster

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  2. This is the third time I left a reply…if duplicates show up…delete. I do not know why my computer is not cooperating with me this morning! Anyway…I wanted to say THANK YOU, Patty, for your very informative post and all that it contains! I found a book recently entitled The Highly Sensitive Person—but YOUR posting surpasses the book’s content! I did not think I was mentally ill—but I think people may see me like that at times. It seems I am a passionate person about human rights, justice, racial inequality, education—but I know my “intensity” either infuriates or scares people away. Writing my thoughts keeps me safer…but it is very isolating. In any case, what you have written makes a great deal of sense to me and I will MORE people could understand this condition and be a bit more compassionate towards those of us who have it. Onward and forward! Thank you! I reblogged this on my site and directed readers to your site. Thank YOU again, dear Friend!

    • Hey Jane! 🙂
      Found your comments my friend, they were in my spam folder lol!
      Nothing wrong with your computer this time.
      Thank you so very much. I am glad that it can be of help. It’s a nasty little monster to deal with but it also makes you the kind and loving human being you are! Stay strong my dear Jane! Hugz & Tons of Love ❤

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  4. Morning, Patty~
    Wow…I only recently found a book about Sensitive People—and your posting adds to my knowledge. I think it describes me perfectly…just this morning, I wanted to share this song with someone, “Say Something I’ve Given Up on You”–and then it began to play, and I began to cry…I couldn’t help it! So the other person got upset with me and stopped the computer from playing. I wasn’t planning on crying—I cannot help who I am. And, yes, many people classify me as too passionate, too intense about human rights, justice, the underdog, etc….I try to keep it under control…some times I can, other times not. This posting expresses it all so well! Thank you, dear friend!

  5. Reblogged this on Tell me about it and commented:
    I hope sweet Patty doesn’t mind me reblogging this! It’s me in a nutshell and she always seems to hit the nail on the head and give voice to thoughts and feelings I could not articulate. Truly gifted in expression and delivering a powerful loving message! I know many of you follow her if you don’t please visit her! She’s amazing! ❤

    • Thank you for the reblog my sweet friend.
      It’s important that people read about this, it may take away some judgment and add some understanding.
      I am a HSP too and it can be quite a struggle for sure. Especially because you start to doubt yourself when you feel and think differently than others seem to do. But it’s okay. It can both be a blessing and a curse. We just have to learn how to handle it the right way.
      You are a beautiful soul my friend, never forget that!
      Love & Hugz ❤

      • Thank you Patty! I love how you always share such awesome posts about true to life issues and things people don’t think of or even know about! ❤ love and hugs back again

  6. Patty. You are unbelievable! Now HSP Awareness as an outgrowth of what you cope with…..but ALWAYS caring for others, education awareness, & outreach! You’re the best spirit I know. Italy next week. Have a post ready but “pressed” for time. Priorities. Got to make the life you want to live!!! Phil

    • Thank you so much for your uplifting and encouraging words my dear friend!
      They have brightened up my day for sure.
      Have fun in Italy, can’t wait until I can see the photos!
      Love & Hugz ❤

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