62 comments on “Rant: I can’t say ‘I Love You’?

  1. Way to go Patty, that’s how it should be. Everyone should be like you, you spread comfort and joy with your words, something I can vouch for personally, you always make me feel better 🙂 You’re a star in my book.
    You take care and lots of love and hugs to you and your family ❤ 🙂

  2. I, and I bet all your other readers, love you right back! And since you chose him, I bet your husband is awesome.

  3. I love you sis!! Never doubt about that.. stay who you are!! Only losers that have no love to spread wil say you can’t tell you’re friends (straight, gay or what ever) I LOVE YOU… I will always love you for being you!! ❤

  4. Confusion is for those with clouded minds and hearts….Thank you for your friendship, inspiration, and spreading some much needed love in this world, Patty.
    Peace and Love ❤

  5. Well, Patty, seems I am in trouble too then, beause I tell a lot of people I Love them. Yes, some have misunderstood, (males) and I have had to explain to them I am married, don’t fool around, and that I LOVE my friends. Hmmmm …. what don’t they get? I’m with you all the way, Patty. And you know what? I LOVE YOU! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • I sign LOVE, Amy for most of my comments, Patty, and SOME males have um misinterpretted that. Really? My banner on my blog says The Embrace of Love. Love, Universal Love, Unconditional Love, Loving all. Hopefully someday the concept will catch on that you can actually say I Love you without it conjuring up images of sex. Yep. Maybe. (((HUGS))) Patty!!! (smile)

  6. I think it’s very sad but true that the world seems to accept the spreading of hate more than the spreading of love. There once was a time when people wrote and sang songs that said things like “All you need is love” and “What the world needs now, is love sweet love”. May we see a time like that again.
    (Stealing your signature for this post) – Lots of love

  7. OMG! I just don’t get people. Seriously! I often think I might not be from this world simply because people act so weird and have such inane ideas, and worst of all, they think we should all think like them. I tell male and female friends I love them all the time. If they get the wrong idea, or their mate gets the wrong idea, then I am not to blame. I present my affection (friendship) in a socially acceptable manner, so if it is seen as inappropriate it is on the beholder to own their opinions, not me. You are good. Even if you weren’t married it is still up to you and your friends as to what is appropriate signs of affection. Jeez!
    Peace & Love (and don’t get the idea I am gay! LOL)

    • Thank you my friend! 🙂
      Lol, I know right? I was starting to think that I was the crazy one! No wait, I already know that I am and that’s fine by me! 🙂
      Everyone who knows me, knows that I am very happy with my hubby. He even has his own corner on my blog.
      But these things upset me a bit you know? There is so much hate in this world and then people go tell me that love is wrong? Smh…
      Hugz & Love to you! ❤

  8. Apparently their misery in their own lives and inability to know or share different kinds of love has tarnished their outlook on life. I have pity for them, but am not about to listen to the advice of miserable and ignorant subhumans. I love a lot of people in my heart and mind that I haven’t and may never meet. Aren’t we all humans who should love one another, not always or only romatically, but with compassion and respect for each other.
    Dear Patty, no matter what anyone thinks or says(they better do it out of my earshot or sight) about you, I know you are a lovely and very loved woman who touches the hearts and souls of many while sharing yourself, love for others, and a golden angelic Dutch voice. People who think they are watching out for our best interests need to reevaluate their intentions and presence. We can do without both and still be happy, loving people who aren’t afraid or ashamed to say I love you to those we love. Too bad they aren’t able to understand the importance of that simple act, maybe they would be loved more and then could understand true love for every person in their lives.
    I resisted stooping down to their level of idiocy and will just advise them to leave others alone until they become human again. Until then, I’ll continue to accept your love as you accept mine, in Friendship, unabashedly.

    • Thank you so much my sweet friend.
      I agree with you wholeheartedly! I have pity for them as well.
      And thank you so much for your kind words, they mean so much to me.
      Lots of love and hugz ❤

      • You are so very welcome, my dear Patty. Some people just don’t think before they speak. I wish they would. You are so very deserving of love and respect.
        Hugs from me and Kisses from our little ones))))

  9. Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:
    You go, girl. If someone doesn’t like how we express our love for our friends, you are SO RIGHT, it’s their dang problem. But if they want to give us names and labels, let it be GONE)))))))))))))))))))))))) Hopefully the door doesn’t hit them where the good Lord split them.))))

  10. I agree with you on this Patty. We through hate around so freely when it is love that will solve the worlds problems. Keep saying it, you are doing the right thing. Hugs my friend.

  11. I love you .. ❤ ❤ ❤ …. and I will always want you to tell me you love me. But then again, I am a girl ….. yet, I'm gay ….. so?

    I still want you to tell me you love me!! ❤ ❤ ….

  12. I agree. Especially if your husband is comfortable with it then who cares. I completely get their point; It can and has lead to many misconceptions, but continue to be what the world is missing and should be doing. Because trust me, sluts do not say I love You. Maybe golddiggers, but not sluts.

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