15 comments on “Duet poem with Phen: Our Euphony, Sweet Perdition

  1. Hi there Patty, long time no read. Beautiful poem. I got a question how does it work to make a collaborative poem? Do you two get together and say I´m going to write this you going to write that, or I write the first sentence you the second sentence, I have no clue how that works. Anyways, always good passing through your blog. And thank´s for introducing me to this other poet, now I´m on my way to navigate to his site.

    • Thank you Charly! 🙂
      There are various way to write a duet poem. When I write one with someone it mostly starts with one of us writing a verse and the other writing the next one and so on until it’s done. Sometimes one write a couple of verses and the other writes the verses in between.
      Lots of love ❤

  2. Patty & Phen, A torrent of passion being pulled in all directions! Written with a real flow to your words & verses. Instead of my usual “guessing game” identifying each of you….piece of cake as they say….Could a make a difficult suggestion to pull off? Realizing the mechanics of collaboration, even with two authors of a book, Patty, could you try to write a whole poem with someone? example, one writer writes the whole thing & it goes back & forth with significant changes until it sounds like a “new” poet, a composite of the two of you! Time intensive but worth the try! Phil

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