11 comments on “A dark Haiku for today

    • I think that admitting that you have gone through some really dark times just shows how strong you are and how much courage you have Kim.
      When pain seems to be the only thing left (whether it’s fysical or mental) a kiss of death is tempting. But when you can fight this temptation, you will be so much stronger than before.
      Lots of love and hugz ♡

  1. Patty, I refer you to Patty’s Suicide Prevention posts! Personally, I feel & fight the pushing, pushing to get things done, including time online…….when all I really want to do is do some fishing more often. Phil

    • You got it right Phil, it’s referring to my suicide prevention posts, as it is a mistake people can make under the pressure of depression.
      I can understand the deep darkness though. The difference is, I know how things look at the other side of the tunnel!
      And you should go fishing some more! 🙂
      Hugz & Love ❤

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