22 comments on “Poetry for today: Love me…

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  2. Love this.

    Love is the only thing we need to be happy – blinding us from the harsh truths of reality, it deceives us if only for a short while, but in that short time, nothing else matters.

  3. There are so many different elements to love – it’s complicating and frustrating and contradicting, yet so completely intoxicating, isn’t it? Lovely poem – thank you for sharing! xx

  4. Patty, Your “Light Wings” poems certainty address the subject of love, but not so intensely as you do here. “Love Me” says it all as the foundation for that brighter life more Light than Dark. And I think you may have tapped into your secret to this transition ….Life is all about Love…. even when life goes wrong it is Love that is going wrong from a loss or a breakup! And your talents & appreciation for writing Dark poetry will always be yours to write….just with a little different perspective….& less of a hold on you. Phil

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