38 comments on “Spoken Poetry: On the Line

    • Thank you Phen! πŸ™‚
      I was wondering what would happen if I wouldn’t try so hard to be in the light all the time. Guess darkness is just a part of me. I think I will be just fine in between and on the line πŸ˜‰
      Hugz & Love ❀

  1. My little Nieces walked by and stopped, sat down and listened to your voice. Now you’re Ms. Patty, the Dutch Angel. They may not understand all the words yet, but they loved your Voice. Now you have made 2 more fans. TY for sharing.

      • Ana en Maria glimlachte toen hun broeder Wilhelm verklaarde dat Ms Patty, de Nederlandse dame uit de audio, wilde geven hen knuffels. Gegiechel en overvloedige glimlacht zijn aangekomen in TN. ❀ ;<))) Hartelijk dank en veel kleine knuffels en kusjes worden verzonden over de golven van de ruimte. Wij wensen u een prachtige dag. ❀ ❀ ❀

      • Twins are simply hyponotized when they hear your voice, trying so hard to concentrate and hear every word, sometimes the only thing they say is , Play it again, play it again. absolutely adorable. I know exactly how to get them to calm down before bed, Thank you so much.
        Who’d thought it? They’re only 2, but so alert to everything.
        TY so sharing so much of yourself))))))))
        Kussen zijn worden geblazen uw manier. Kussen, hun eerste Nederlandse woord te leren en de praktijk.
        ❀ ❀

      • Yes, indeed, we are blessed abundantly. They continue to amaze us daily. No one believes they were preemies&spent first 6 months in incubators nor that they are only 2 years old. They have made up for lost time completely. 2 going on 20, their older brother(8yr) says.)))))))) Great little watchers for their 4 younger cousins(1 yr) Learning to be big Sisters. We are so proud and know how very blessed we are with all of them. Surrounded by kiddies, I couldn’t ask for more, even without a voice, Ana&Maria make sure I am understood))))))))))))))))

  2. Patty, I honestly have no words. You have described a part of me so perfectly. Beautiful work, my friend. Your honesty is something to applaud. Love, Amy

  3. I loved hearing you read your poetry. It really made it special.. Every poem should be spoken!

  4. Patty, “On the line” I think captures you in this moment of time, i.e., maybe that’s where you really are at this time. Beautifully said & sounding enchanting as always. That comfort you speak of in Darkness is echoed in your dress, wardrobe, here & elsewhere. Your sensuous curves make those outfits appealing. Yet, toward the Light side of wardrobe, I am not expert to advise you. Perhaps those white outfits from Castlefest or from your white winged photos. There was that short flowing white outfit similar to the black one. Phil

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