17 comments on “Poetrics for today: Medicine

  1. Patty, “Medicine” by Daughter quite unusual for a topic, but well done & really quite beautifully done! The words are elaborated/expanded by you Poetrics & all-together a worthy accomplishment by you. We need more such narrow topic pieces. I think, once again, you have created another whole field to be explored & written! Prolific you are. Phil

  2. Wow Patty this is powerful! The song is beautiful and so touchingly sad. I’m so very sorry you live a life like this in pain. You know as a mom of one that has been chronically ill since the age of 2, I can speak to you as a mom would and tell you that life really wasn’t meant to be this way. It’s not fair not fair at all. It breaks my heart to read this and know that you struggle not only with pain but how to express it and let me tell you…Sweet Patty it’s beautiful the way you turn your struggle outward and reach out. If you need me I am here for you and I will pray for you everyday! I think you are amazingly strong! Hugs hugs and much love to you! ❤

    • Thank you my sweet friend. Your kind words mean a lot to me.
      Yes, I do live a life in pain, but I can handle it. This Poetrics I wrote for someone very close to me who is recovering from a medication addiction. I love this person very much and I am always scared that he relapses. When I heard this song, it just went straight to my heart because it made me think of my loved one.
      It’s partly because of this that I refuse to use strong pain medication. I have seen what it can do to you.
      And I know how to handle physical pain because I know that mental pain is so much stronger.
      Keep your head up my beautiful friend and thank you again for caring.
      Lots of love and hugz to you ❤

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