21 comments on “The Lake by Edgar Allan Poe

  1. PATTY!!!!!!! Thank you! Never read this by Poe! Is it considered one of his greatest? I can see why “The Lake” is one of your favorite Poe poems! Oh, to write like that, both wordsmith & content. You could do at least one session or more of a literature class on “The Lake” alone! I’ve read it three times so far for meaning/content. Phil

    • I don’t know actually, I didn’t know this piece until I read it in my new collection of Edgar Allan Poe poems! 🙂
      It’s awesome!
      Love & Hugz ❤

      • That’s so cool! 🙂
        I am planning to have a tattoo of a raven someday as a tribute to this poem. Already have a couple of tattoos though, so I have to slow down a bit before I look like a walking picture book lol! 🙂
        Hugz ❤

      • But picture books tell beautiful stories 🙂 I have quit a few and many more planned. A raven would be a stunning tattoo. You will have to post a photograph when you have it 🙂 I’m booked in to get one finished, but not till November 😦 I have a great tattooist, but he has a long waiting list. ❤

      • Very true! 🙂
        Tattoos are something you can quite easily get addicted on you know?
        I made this post a little while ago, showing off some of the tattoos of my family members (even my mom has 4 now lol) and my own.

        I got my last one two months ago, it’s a text on my lower arm that says ‘my heart, my soul, my family.’ I am planning on getting at least 3 more, a wolf, a raven and one of my own poems on my side. You should show off your tattoos sometime as well, I am curious! 🙂

      • Yes, they are. I’m addicted XD

        I will take a look at the post. I do need to take some photos and upload them, at the minute I have a couple that are being finished, including a sleeve of Stephen King images and quotes, it’s only recently been started and will be a while until it’s complete.. I will post some as soon as I can 🙂

      • Stephen King quotes! Awesome! I love his quotes, they are so honest and make me laugh. 🙂
        Let me know when you post the pics!
        Hugz ❤

      • He is great XD he is very good when writing realistic/relatable people, even at their most bizarre.

        I will make sure to do so. At the moment it is just a rather large Pennywise from it which needs another 4 hours before we can start the rest of the sleeve 🙂 ❤

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