11 comments on “Monthly update!

  1. I am still adjusting to my schedule. It seemed like I would have more time for myself, my son and all – and – I do – but the change is more than I had realized as to adjustments. Hope it stays as is for a time long enough to get fully adjusted at least. The summer has been mild here and short. I guess you are looking forward to the vacation. I have another at the end of the year. I had off from July 2 through the 13th. It was nice!
    ~ Eric

  2. Patty, Your activities past & present so commendable! Best to you for the fantasy festival book signing. Post photos! Love your line, “promotion, promotion, promotion.” Sounds like me. I should have followed up more on your healing process. Hope you are OK by now. That August vacation sounds very good for you & Danny! Phil

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