11 comments on “Awards and a Thank you!

  1. Congratulations Patty and thank you for recognition is nice, but for inspirations, insights and artistic expression too; you contribute to bringing great courage into the lives of others that also want to share in their own way expressions of the experiences of being human and hopes for acceptance into a finer more loving world. If we’d only look at the horrors of loss and let this overshadow the faith for compassion and empathy, love may seem lost and not even a subtle force. The truth is that an illusion of guilt, shame and blame baffle us and this is our great purpose – to overcome our fears of separation and manage as best we may to strive for the warmth of pleasures that love is. Subtle as this may get at times of difficulty, we cling to the memories if necessary and they that seek to understand then extend a hand that we may grasp on the way upwards back onto our great purpose.
    As always, I enjoy being here with my wordpress community and with you Patty, a spark of loving kindness and a force for the one purpose – to share the love.
    I encourage all to participate in this sharing in some way – be it with awarding or artistic expression or by some way of any expression sharing efforts towards compassion, empathy, positive support, insight, serenity, benevolence and acceptance or tolerance, contemplation, honesty, openness, and willingness to change if this may bring about greater pleasures of the loving kindness sort.
    Peace and Blessings; may God bear us in His light until we are whole as one with each other in knowing and being His will for us.
    Patty – all love for you I pray!
    ~ Eric

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