36 comments on “Monthly Peace Post: Tragedy and a Poem

  1. This is a very sad story. I tell people. When war is alive. Everyone will know it. War will find you. I will put the poor families of people lost in my prayers for the foolishness of war and hate.

  2. Patty, Your poem & eyes are beautiful. Your commemorative tribute so tastefully appropriate. My plan for the crash sight is for the community of civilized nations to forget about hurting their economic ties with Russia & getting a pair of balls! The UN or more easily NATO, led by the USA & the Netherlands, give Putin 48 hours to secure the sight or we will. If he fails, move in unarmed with military backup in the EU. This should have been done, the day after the crash. Phil

  3. Beautiful, tragic, comforting and passionate x
    Scotland knows this pain through the Dunblane massacre
    16 kids, 6 years old killed by a gunman, more injured. 15 Miles from where I am now.
    That hurt us all. We came together, we hugged and cried together.
    The same qualities in your people will see you through this. I have read a lot and watched a lot and cried a bit. So tragic. Senseless, pointless, reality hit Holland this week.
    The reality and vulgar nature of this, the total waste of life for no reason is something many will never understand. I am deeply sorry for your people and the families of the lost. Rest In Peace to all those people, kids who won’t come home. My thoughts go to the parents who are in a place no human being wants to be. If events like this don’t make us cry I don’t think we are human.

    I am watching the Netherlands from Scotland and I see that same togetherness.
    A togetherness you don’t want but you need. The circumstances are wrong, but it feels right.
    You will pull through, a brighter day will arrive, for now we all hurt. I can understand where your county is at, but I can only imagine the pain. I hope people get closure. That would be my wish.

    Scotland stands with the Netherlands….


  4. I have had the honor to be a memeber of artists4peace.wordpress.com. The more of us who stand and shout PEACE, the more the very thing shall manifest in this war torn world. Love, Amy

  5. Thank you Patty. We can only hope and pray that someday, all the weapons will be laid down and we can build each other up instead of tearing each other down.
    Peace and Love ❤

  6. This tragedy has been felt around the world. How much worse is it for the people of your country, so many of whom are effected by this horror? Let’s hope some small good can come from it and that a process of peace will finally begin.

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